Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mia's Romp

Mia and I had a relaxed day yesterday and decided to head to our local outdoor mall, Victoria Gardens, and hang out on the grass and play. I decided it was a perfect opportunity to play with my camera and so I did. We got some take out from one of the mall restaurants and we sat on the grass and played. I took a ton of pictures and I love them all. I captured her personality in so many of them but I do have a few favorites so here they are. Below you can see all the pictures in a slide show.

What a pretty girl!! Playing with her lid.

Gotta love mommy's drink

She ran like crazy!!

This is Mia's Little House On The Prairie picture-- remember Laura, Kerry and Mary running to Charles and Ma? My favorite TV show!!! I had the biggest crush on Pa!!


  1. Christy~
    Those are amazing pictures...
    Mia is soooo beautiful...
    SHe makes me smile.... I LOVE the one of her running... Simply adorable...
    Glad you had a great Day...

  2. Who didn't have a crush on Pa? She is so cute running and so busy!!

  3. Oh how I lurve Vicky Gardens!!!! I'll be there in the next few months and CAN NOT wait for a day of shopping and eating good food! Maybe I'll run into you and Mia again. HA

    Little House was my favorite and my dream era to live in.

  4. She is so darn cute! I love all of the photo's! You made me laugh with Mia's Little House On the Prairie picture! I loved that show too, except I had a crush on the dark haired boy who (if I remember correctly) ended up living with them after his parents were killed...? Is that right? Oh well, love all of the pictures!

  5. Cute pictures. As always, I love Mia's dress!

  6. Great pictures...Mia looks so happy!! I still love Little House reruns...and I loved Pa too!! I cried when Michael Landon passed away~

  7. What gorgeous pictures of Mia! She is SO adorable! Love that sweet smile!

  8. Love all the pictures...Mia is getting so big and as beautiful as always. I also loved Little House on the Parie and that pix is great.

  9. Hi Christy - thanks for telling me about where you got the dress. Unfortunately, we don't have a Marshall's by us :(

    We brought Lily home this past September, she was 14mths and is now almost 23mths. She's grown so much in such a short time, it's amazing!

    Anyway, enjoy your weekend!

  10. Awesome pictures!! I LOVE your new camera!! it takes GREAT pics! hope yall have a fantastic weekend!!!

  11. I love Mia's pretty feminine sundress! She is looking like such a young lady!

  12. Mia looks so carefree and happy! Love that dress:)

  13. Too cute! I loved Little House on the Prairie.

    The pics are great.