Monday, June 9, 2008

More Backyard Fun!!!

** I have had a few people email me and comment on Mia's blue dress and her floaty thing. Mia's dress is from Strasbourg's (sp?) Children. It is a crazy high end store we have at our local mall-- I think they are all over the country-- but their stuff is beautiful with a hefty price tag to go along with it. Last year in the fall they had a couple day sale where they were clearing out all their summer clearance. This blue dress (as well as about 5 others I purchased) use to be $88 but it was, by the time all the discounts were done, $14. I got the best deal on all the summer dresses I bought. If you can catch Strasbourg on their big sale times, you can get sweet deals!!!

The other thing people are curious about is the floaty thing. It is totally different than the usual but I LOVE it!!!! It is designed to keep the kids upright in the pool. Anyone who has little ones in floaty suits knows that the regular floaties will force them on their stomach or back if they don't know how to kick to keep themselves upright. This suit is designed like the little arm floaties. It keeps them upright in the pool without them having to kick. It is totally cool and Mia is already comfy in it. I got it at Marshalls and I had never seen it before then so i cant tell you where to buy it but it is called AQUA SPHERE! Very cool!!! Here is one link to a boys suit Here is a link to a store that sells all of them I really like this suit!!

After church on Sunday we were sitting and relaxing in the backyard and Mia was looking so cute I had to photograph her. She got hold of my phone and just was having so much fun-- sorry if she called you. Max loves Mia and it was so cute to watch them interact.

The first two pictures in the following collage is how I found Mia in her high chair today. It was as if she was like, "what??" It was just really funny. Owen's new summer chore is going to be mowing the grass-- and we have a ton of grass. He was so excited about finally getting to mow. He has been begging Kevin to allow him to mow but Kev has held off. We decided to let him mow and edge from now on-- he is so proud!! Oh ya, and Mia woke up from her nap while Owen was mowing so I got a few pics of her crazy bed head.

It was a hot day so after chores (they are out Wednesday so only 2 days left-- yaaaa!!!) the kids went swimming. I love the pictures of Mia in the pool with Ethan. The following is my favorite.

Sadie-- our chocolate lab-- loves to swim so she had to join in on the swim fun today. Max gets into the pool and plays around but does not swim out in the deep area. Sadie swims all over the pool. She is our robust dog (translation-- she is fat) so I think she likes the way it feels to float. Anyway, it was really cute.

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  1. Mia looks so pretty in her navy. Your dogs are so lucky to have a pool to swim in. Our Weimareiner loves to swim and we don't live near a lake anymore so he never gets the chance. I thought I took alot of photos but after looking at yours I don't even compare. You must have some major storage on your computer. Happy Summer to your family!

  2. I Love that Navy blue dress too!!! Love the pictures!! Mia's little swim floaty is cool!! I've never seen one like that!! I am SO glad they have those things!!! Silas has one that looks like Spiderman with big muscles. He thinks he is THE MAN in that!! :) I know you're glad you guys have a pool!! It's been hot lately!!! Enjoy your week!!!

  3. Congrats to Owen! I remember posting pics of when Jake first learned to mow. Too cool!

  4. Great Job Owen.. Looks like he is doing well..
    LOVE the pictures of Mia in her Sunday dress... Of course I am trying to see her cute little bow.. You know me..LOL.
    I got mine yesterday.. they are sooo cute... LOVE the pictures of the kids in the pool.. that little floaty thing on Mia's arms looks like it really works. and she doesn't mind it..
    Have a Great Week..
    I hope we get our house sold and a new one with a pool..
    SO much fun..

  5. As usual, Miss Mia looks adorable in her cute dress, as well as in her suit and with her bed head. Looks like summer is off to a good start.

  6. I so remember when you got these dresses...
    You find all the GREAT deals..
    LOVE IT..
    Thanks for posting..

  7. I love love love your pup getting in the pool too!

  8. I love these pictures...My dog Pashmina (a golden retriever) would be jaleous! She'd like a pool as well ;-)

    You have a lovely familly!