Monday, September 24, 2007

Help with those link buttons

OK, many of you post on your blogs little places where you put here and you click here and it takes you to a site. How do you do that? I need to know because it is driving me nuts that I cant figure it out. Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: I think I figured it out. Here is a test-- I love RQ


  1. You start a post- write what you want on your post.. then you need to pull up another web page and go to the page that you want people to see when they click on the word - then copy the HTTP's on the top of that page....
    Then go to your post highlight the word and click on the littl green circle with the " on top of it.. it will pull up a little column with HTTP: just erase that and paste the page HTTP that you copied into that and hit okay..
    THen when someone clicks on the word that will take them to the page you put in there...
    If this doesn't make sense tell me..
    It is hard to explain.. but it is really easy..
    Have a Great Day..
    Mia is a DOLL..
    I love the pictures..

  2. YAAAA!!! It worked!!! I am so pleased. Thanks for your help :)