Saturday, September 29, 2007

Disneyland & Mia turns 11 months

After the boys got out of school yesterday (Friday) we went to Disneyland with their cousins Kaity and Kylie and Laila and the kids. We try to get there as often as possible but have not made it there in over a month so we were real happy to get back to the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!!!! We did the normal and the kids, as always, had a blast. Lai and I just love Disneyland and it always gives us an excuse to eat like crazy pigs (You know we have to buy the hot fudge sundae-- for the kids-- right??). Since Mia has been home there has been a new magic with Disneyland. Mia has been about 4 times but now there seems to be something magical and new. We never use to go through the castle and go on the kiddy rides because the older kids wanted to do the fast rides. Now, we spend a ton of time in the kiddy area and the older kids actually like it. Just like my older kids dont seem to mind watching all the kiddy shows on PBS Kids (Dragon Tales, Sagwa and others). It is like they are enjoying being transported back a few years and while it is only a few years for them, they really seem to like it. They loved Mr. Toads Wild Ride and Peter Pan and the Merry-go-round and all the other little kid rides. It is just interesting and I love the renewed magic of Disneyland.

Today is Mia's 11 month birthday. In one month my baby will be a year. I must say I feel fortunate that she is turning 11 months today and we have had her for over 4 months. We have, luckily, got to experience almost all her "firsts" with her. We got to see her sit up and roll over and rock on her knees and crawl and pull up and now, almost walk (not yet but getting close). She is just amazing and I feel so blessed to have our little opinionated spicy Hunan girl in our lives. She has blessed us beyond comprehension.


  1. How cute! I love the picture of her screaming on the merry go round. Too funny! You'll think I'm crazy, but one of the things I'm looking forward to is all the kiddy shows being in the house again. I enjoyed them much more than the stuff they watch now.

    How nice to live so close to Disneyland. It's a major vacation when we get to go.

  2. What a cutie! How lucky you are to have had her 4 months already, we received our Sophia when she was 11 months old.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying 'hi'. I tried to email you back, your email isn't on your profile.

    Yes, that is our yard, well part of it. We have 4 acres on a private, dead end, dirt road. It's pretty quiet up here. The pup is a Cane Corso Italian Mastiff, he's 5 months old. We have his sister Maggie, too (pictured in the header).

    Your daughter is a DOLL!

  3. I am so glad you stopped by my blog. Your daughter is precious, and wow, you've had her that long! Awesome!!

    I wish we lived near Disneyland. My husband and I went together a few years before we got Spicy Girl. However, S.G. has already been to Disney World. She was 18 months at the time. It was a huge family trip.

    I'll enjoy keeping up with Mia's milestones!!

  4. OK, I was just looking at your sidebar pictures. Is Mia from Yueyang City/County? Our spicy girl is from Yueyang City.

  5. Happy 11 months...
    She is sooo adorable..
    I hope that Isabella is very young when we have her in our arms..
    It makes it a little bit easier..
    Love all the pictures..
    She is truely amazing.. you can see it in all of your eyes..
    I guess there is one of those clothing stores here... I will have to take a hour ride and go visit it one day..
    Take care

  6. What a fun time at Disneyland! Your slide show really captured some great memories of the day.

    What a gift that Mia has already been a part of your family 4 months, and she's just now turning 11 months.

  7. How awesome that you live so close to Disneyland. We're planning our next trip to Disneyworld in Oct. of 2008. It's a MAJOR trip for us to go. That has got to be awesome living so close!!!

    The pictures of you and Mia are beautiful!!! So special to have!!! I know it's hard to believe that Mia is 11mo old. WOW! Time flies doesn't it!?!? She is just adorable!! Thanks for sharing with us!! I always love your updates.

    OH...thanks too for trying the 100 good wish quilt. I am like you...I feel that I'm not creative when it comes to stuff like that. When I got those first two wishes...and read how special they were...I just had to push through and do it. I'm going to go and buy some material that I give for all these special little China dolls!!!

    Better go. Thanks again for you post. TTYS

  8. Christy,

    Thanks for sharing your magical
    day with all of us. Mia is such
    a beautiful girl. I hope one day
    Allie & Mia get to meet! I haven't
    Blogged in what seems forever. We
    are still so tired!!!!

    Lets Talk Soon!

    Your AZ Friend,

    Sindy :-)

  9. Looks like you had a wonderful time in DisneyLand...I hope we make it to 1 of the Disney's!

  10. Christy,
    Thanks for your comments on Sophie's blog. Mia is just beautiful! I especially love this post because we love Disneyland!!! We made it to the park quite often when we lived in So. Cal. Happiest Place on Earth!! :)

  11. Don't you just want to live at the happiest place on earth - I'd set up shoppe if I could - course for us it is a two day ride:-)

    Mia is precious - so happy for you that all turned out to be this journey - I can remember praying for you and now I can no longer remember the circumstance - life is so good and God is so wonderful.

    Happy 11 mos Mia - you are one loved little girl!