Monday, September 3, 2007

Disappointing Month For Chinese Adoptions :(

Every month The China Center for Adoption Affairs (CCAA) updates their Internet site to indicate what date they have given referrals to. For example, last month CCAA gave waiting parents their referrals (their babies) if their paperwork made it to China BEFORE November 21 2005. Yes, they are really far backlogged. Anyway, a year or so ago CCAA was referring about 2 weeks worth of Log In Dates (LID)and a year before that, CCAA was referring about a whole month at a time. Referrals come out each month and for example 2 years ago they would refer the whole month of (for example) March in one month. A year ago they would refer (for example) half of March and now today, they only referred 4 days worth of LID's. That basically means that the China Adoption Slow Down is continuing and seems to only be getting worse. If CCAA continues at their current pace (which is not expected-- we are hoping for a speed up at some point) people who are just sending their paperwork to China will be looking at a 6 year wait. Mia will be 7 before those people get their babies. It is totally depressing that CCAA only did 4 days. The only other day in recent history that was worse than this month (if I'm remembering correctly) was when we got Mia's referral this past April. That month CCAA only did 2 days worth of LID's. That month was a big hit for the adoption community. Today I am sure will also be a hit as waiting parents have no end in sight. I feel for all the waiting families and I only pray that CCAA speeds thing up.


  1. I wish they would hurry up..
    You would think they would want all of us to get over there so we can have our little girls..
    Have a Great Evening.

  2. I'm with you on that, Christy -- the wait is TOO long, and even though we're home with our precious daughter, my heart aches for those still waiting.

    The thing that makes it really awful in my opinion is that the people receiving referrals now were getting their paperwork in order at a time when the wait was 6-7 months. We were LID in July 2005, and referrals had been processed at a steady clip for some time. Then, in early September, the CCAA did a "full month" of referals for the last time. We were telling folks at Thanksgiving that the wait had slowed "a bit" and we might not get our referral until February or March. Then it really slowed down -- one month we had only five days' worth of LIDs referred (and two of those were weekend days). It was awful, awful, awful, and I can't imagine how it feels to be logging in now and knowing you will wait years.

    I used to say that I could have handled our wait a lot better if I had just known it was going to take 14 months instead of six. I don't know if that's true, though. The wait is very, very hard no matter what.

    I'm still checking your blog occasionally even though you're home with Mia. We're enjoying our own "Ba" baby so much!

    mama to Rachel Shu-Ting