Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bedtime Rituals :)

I decided to do a post on our bedtime rituals. They are nothing phenomenal but it is a way to put the little princess to bed. First I get her room in order while Mia plays in her bed with toys or crawls around on the floor and gets into things that are "NO NO's"-- see trash can. Once I have chosen her clothes for the next day (really one of my favorite things to so-- If I could dress her in 3 different outfits a day I would) I then read a story- or I pretend to read a story and she tries the whole time to take the book from me and turn the pages and chew on the book-- GREAT FUN!!! After we have wrestled with the book for a while I then give her a bottle with the lights off. I quietly talk to her and sing and then after the bottle it is in her crib and off to bed. She goes down easily and does not cry at all.

I then walk down the stairs with excitement in my heart knowing that I now have ME time to go online-- post on my blog- check out RQ- check out other blogs-- watch my reality TV shows (I'm in the middle of watching Survivor as I type this-- TIVO is wonderful!!) and just enjoy time alone with Kevin. The part I left out is that while I am putting Mia to bed, Kevin is also putting the boys to bed so while I am skipping down the stairs with excitement in my heart I know all the babes are tucked away and it is REALLY alone time for Kev and I-- YAAA!!!


  1. How WONDERFUL....
    Sounds like you both have a great system..
    Can't wait to tuck my little Isabella into bed..
    Love the pictures... Mia is adorable..
    Have a Great Day..

  2. I am so there with ya on the Me and Hubby time!! It seems like it's getting later and later for us. We've got to get better at that. It is a sweet time though...getting the kids in the bed!! I love the pictures of Mia...she is adorable.

    Are you guys Survivor fans? We are Big Survivor fans. I don't think I've missed an episode of one since they began. It is my all time favorite reality show. I love to watch the personalities work together!!

    Thanks for your post!! Have a great weekend!

  3. She is so cute. My goodness I could just eat her up.