Friday, September 28, 2007

Baby Proofing

Well our little Miss Mia has been getting herself into all kinds of fun situations. The drawer where we keep all the zip lock bags happens to be in reach of out little one and every single zip lock sandwich bag magically left their tidy container and ended up on the floor in the kitchen when I turned my back for a few minutes. This is one of the MANY neat new things that Mia gets to do because her mommy and daddy have not baby proofed their house yet. Why you ask? Because we just were hoping Mia would be one of those sweet little babies that don't need things baby proofed. We hoped that we would say "NO" in a stern face and she would obey from that point on. We were not so lucky. Instead, our response to a stern "NO" is a giant smile and a giggle. As irritating as it is, it is also endearing. So, this morning Mia and I took a trip to Babies R Us and bought a ton of child proofing items. While this is only a child proofing post, a doozie "No No's Mia is caught doing" post is coming in the next few days. She gets herself into many fun situations--uggg!!!

Looking so sweet and innocent while picking items to spare her from her death!

"Show us what we have to use to keep you out of the fireplace."

Posted by PicasaAnd Mia in true form-- planning and executing her exit strategy!! She is very good at getting out of anything- even if tied down-- Our little Houdini


  1. Olivia doesn't listen when we say no either. So every cupboard has a latch on it now. She likes to throw things away now too, so I have to check it before its thrown out. She recently discovered the toilet we may need something on that to prevent items getting thrown in there! Mia's so adorable!

  2. Okay I must ask, where did you get that outfit!!!! WAY cute!

    Good luck with the little Houdini!

  3. TOO CUTE....
    Love her clothes...
    Hey ... if you are going to sell her clothes.. give me a BUZZ...I will be the first to buy them from you..
    Have a Great Day..
    And I too would like to know where you got that adorable outfit..
    Mia... is sooo ADORABLE...

  4. wow, sounds just like another little girl I know! :)
    She is SO pretty...

  5. Mia is just too cute! I love the picture of "Houdini" climbing out of the cart. Good luck with the baby proofing this weekend. I'll check back to see if it works. ;)

  6. What a beautiful girl!

    I just about had a heart attack when I saw her climing out... I saw a cart turn over in the grocery, and the little boy in the seat smacked his head... well it was probably 2 years ago and it was HORRIBLE. I panic when I see kiddos standing in the big part of the cart, etc. I had a bit of a flashback... ;)

    Sophia's only 2, and she will say, "oh mama, that's not safe... " lol

    My kiddos were all different. The oldest we never had safety locks, we just told her no and she listened. The 2nd (boy) we had to use duct tape to hold the drawer under the oven closed! Sophia, pretty obedient, but gets sneaky once in awhile. Fun, fun, fun!

  7. Ok all,
    I'm at disneyland and just the comments and wanted to let you know that I get most of mia's clothes from naartjie. It is a south african clothing brand that has stores in malls but not many. We have one in our mall and I love it. Prices are like gymboree but their clothes are unique and very cute. I would say 65percent of clothes are naartjie. The rest are a mix of gymboree, baby gap, thing I find at marshals and other deals.girl clothes are so much fun and I love the outfit I put her in today. I've been buying winter clothes for a while but here in so cal it is so hot we haven't had a chance to wear warm clothes, so today was fun to be able to put her in long just got back from space mountain- gotta go!!

  8. Wow! You've got your hands full don't you?!?!? I remember baby proofing our WHOLE HOUSE before our first child was born. She was one of those angels who didn't need it. So, I got rid of all the stuff. Then we had our second one 5 years later...a BOY! Oh my goodness, he rocked our world!!! So, I TOTALLY am with ya girl!!

    By the way...Mia just looks adorable in that outfit!! It is SO cute. Where did you get it...or what brand is it?

    Better go. have a great weekend getting the house baby proofed!!! :)

  9. What on earth made you think that your spicy Hunan baby would be a sweet little baby that didn't need to be have things "baby-proofed"? :) Didn't I warn you that those Hunan babies can be stubborn and yet endearing?

    Hope you had a great time at Disneyland! I'm going to take Peter there soon. We have a date day for the two of us.


  10. Your Mia is so beautiful. Her face just melts me. We have also made that trip to Baby's R Us for babyproofing supplies. We have that same clasp you show in the photo to secure the bathroom and kitchen sink cupboards. We have a lock on the refrigerator, the stove guard, outlet covers, a sliding lock high up on the front door and a door alarm on Eli's door since he is now waking up at 2am and wandering around. Now when he opens his door, an alarm goes off so that we know he is up and about.
    I hope Mia is not quite as ambitious as Eli, but she's looking pretty motivated to get out of that shopping cart. :)
    I love seeing your comments.