Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pismo Beach in September

This weekend we did a trip to Pismo Beach with our camping friends. We had an amazing time and Mia really enjoyed herself. The weather was perfect (with the exception of an afternoon of wind)and the water was actually relatively warm.

This was also our first trip in our new RV and trailer. The switch really made the trip nice- especially the getting there and back part. Kevin worked really hard to get the rig ready and his work really paid off. We had a blast-- Thanks Kev for all your hard work!!!

Oh ya,

Forgot to mention just in case any of you are interested. We are not trash-- I swear. I don't normally let my children run in their diapers but we were by the water in the morning and it was warm and Mia was in her PJ's. So, I saw a photo op and didn't want to strip her down so she was naked so I went with the white trash diaper thing. I know it looks trashy but I am hoping you all can look past that and see how darn cute she is!!!

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  1. My kind of girl. My girls play in the front yard in *gasp* their diapers! lol... Too cute.