Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day & The Heat Wave!!

So, here in Southern California we have had record breaking heat. Pretty much each day this weekend it was well into the 110 degrees PLUS!!! It was HORRIBLY HOT and the only thing one could do to cool off was to go into a pool-- any pool. So, what did we do? We swam anywhere and everywhere!!

Saturday our good friends Dave and Kimberly had a party and we swam there. Then Sunday we had a family party and we swam at our house. Then today it was just too hot to even go outside (I think it hit 114)but after dinner Kevin and the kids took a dip. Even at 8:00 at night it was in the 90's. TOOOOOOOO HOTTTTT!!!!!! Not to mention the kids have been in and out of the pool all day. They do this pool hopping thing from friend to friends house. They swim at one house then move to the next- swim there and so on and so on.

So with the record breaking So Cal heat wave-- We did survive but barely!! Thank goodness for POOLS!!!! All in all, we had a great- leisurely weekend.

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