Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Baby Is Growing!!!!

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We had a doctors appointment for Mia today to get her next series of shots. Needless to say she did not leave happy-- poor baby-- 4 shots--ugggg!!! Anyway, since my boys have always been HUGE (like 95%ile all growing up) and Kevin and I are pretty tall -5'7''-me and 6'2''-kev, it has been strange having Mia be so small. I have worried about her nutrition as well as her growth. At our last doctors appointment (about 6 weeks ago) she had not even gained a pound since China. I was really worried but today we found out that our tiny little girl is now 17.2 pounds and 28 inches long. The weight of 17.2 puts her in between the 5th and 10th %ile (not too bad) and her height of 28 inches places her between the 25th and 50th %ile (tall and skinny). I have also noticed that many of her size 2 shoes are getting small and I have had to move to size 3. I am still buying her 6-12 month clothes but the pants are usually too big in the waist but length normally fits OK. I have purchased a few 12 month outfits but they usually run small.

So, it appears my little MiPi is growing like a weed. Now I can sit back and not stress so much about her nutrition :)


  1. Tessa was and still is super tiny. She was 16 pounds at 11 months old when we got her and wore 3-6 month clothes. She wasn't even on the American charts. Now she's 24 pounds and 34" at 2 years old. She's now in the 7th percentile for weight and 70th for height so she's tall and tiny, too! It's fun to have a tiny girl. (She was severely malnourished when we got her to the point of her muscles breaking down, etc. She is still on a high protein diet and drinks a mixture of Pediasure and whole milk. She's doing great now!)

    Kelly (gotcha day 6/21/2006)

  2. Sounds like Mia is doing great! I love that photo. Kate is BIG (24 lbs and 32 inches!) Inresponse to your comment, those are not real crocs. The real ones do not fit her yet. they are made by Esprit and the are more shoe like so they are easier to walk in too. i found them at Marshalls! I don't always comment but I do check in on your family every few days or so:) I enjoy reading about your days.


  3. YEAH!!!!!
    She is adorable with her little tiny self...
    Have a Great Week.