Thursday, March 31, 2011

Watching a Video of a Fushun Friend!!!

There is a little boy at Fushun that was one of Finley's great Friends. He was in many of the pictures with her and she yells his name when she sees pictures of him. A family is reviewing his file right now and they were sent 5 new videos of him recently so they can determine if they are going to proceed. The wonderful mom sent me the link to the videos and Finley was just in heaven. She literally probably watched the video's 5 times each. It was so cute and she was just so excited to see her pal Hao Wei. She was telling me all about the video's in Chinese and some English but her enthusiasm was adorable!

On another note, I had my melanoma removed on Monday and HOLY COW did they take one massive chunk of flesh!!! The scar is 3 inches and it hurts like heck!!! I am just shocked with how much they took. The original freckle was small-- about half the size of a dime-- but they took enough this time that it created a 3 inch scar. They also cut down to the fat so it is a pretty big deal. The procedure took almost an hour and she had to do 3 levels of stitches from deep at the fat level and then up. I think there are like 20+ stitches in me with just steri-strips holding the outside together. It was a much more in depth procedure than I thought and the stitching alone took 25 min. They take melanoma seriously and I am glad they do. Heck, they could have taken as much flesh as they wanted-- I didn't and don't care-- just get it out!!! They also took another freckle at the same time so we should hear this week if they got all the cancer out as well if the other freckle was melanoma or not-- she didn't think it was but then again, she didn't think the other one was either. So I am healing fine-- it hurts but Motrin is helping with that. Thanks for all of you who prayed for me. I greatly appreciate it!!


  1. Happy for your daughter and hopeful for you that the freckle plus everything else they gouged out of you is enough!


  2. The videos aren't coming up for me Chris---wonder if I'm the only one or if they're embedded wrong?

  3. omg! I hadn't read your blog in awhile. So glad that things are ok for now with your skin. That is very scary. I hope everything continues to be alright.


  4. Thank goodness yor melanoma is gone!! Hope you are feeling way better!