Friday, March 4, 2011

Cousins & Another Preschool Day

We have our family over at our home very frequently because our house is kid friendly and we have a big yard for them to play in. Last weekend we had a big Chinese dinner at our house with Brad and Kevin doing all the cooking. It was absolutely amazing and some of the best Chinese this side of China!!! We had pork dumplings, some glazed pork thing that Brad made from his own pig they slaughtered, Moo Shoo Vegys with the plum sauce and pancakes, Garlic Bok Choi and a Asian Salad with basal and noodles and beef from one of Brads steers they also slaughtered (FYI my brother brad and his family live on a farm and they raise beef and pork for many many people. The animals are treated wonderfully and given amazing food so the beef and pork is top quality. They have many Hollywood stars that have Brad and Amy raise meet for them-- very cool). Anyway, it was an amazing meal that I cant find the pictures from, but I did find the pics from the kids playing.

They decided to make a train coming down the slide.

Ethan and Finley-- the boys are so wonderful with Finley-- Mia---not so much :(

Cass and mom getting in on the action

Here they come!

And they all came tumbling down!! They had so much fun!!

We started getting Finley ready for school on Wednesday this week. We are going through a time where we go with her to school for the day and help out in the class where we come and go so she gets use to us being in and out. She has done really well and keeps an eye out to make sure I am there but when I do leave the room for a bit, she seems to be ok. She cried once when they were walking down to the playground but got over it quickly. She really seems to thrive in the preschool environment.

Her teacher Mrs. M has been wonderful and really is helping Finley with the transition!

My Mia!!!

Finger painting Green Eggs for Dr. Seuss Week

She loved it!!!

Mia got both hands involved!

Showing off their green hands before washing

At Mrs. M's center they actually made Green Eggs and Ham. The girls loved whipping the eggs and showed off their skill of cracking them too-- we make cookies often so they have experience :)

Finley trying the Green Eggs and Ham--

Seems to be liking them-- I'm sure she ate many things of that coloring in China :)

Both Mia and Finley loved their Green Eggs!!
It was a great day at Preschool!! The next day (Thursday) started off rocky since Kevin took her in and stayed with her and then I came from a hair appointment. At one point Kevin said goodbye-- right before I got there-- just to get her use to us not being there the whole time-- but she lost it-- totally lost it. Mrs. M was wonderful and was able to calm her and once she was calm and working at a center, I then entered the room. She was happy to see me but totally was not dependant on me and let me come and go which is progress. When they went out for recess was when I exited and went to sit in my car till I met them at the gate for dismissal. I guess she came in from the playground and did awesome. She asked about me but was fine with no tears. I met them at the gate and she happily gave me a big hug. So, I think she is really coming around. Fridays they don't have preschool but Monday we are going to see if she will walk in at the beginning of the day on her own. I start back at work on Tuesday (just 2 days a week) so I want to get her independent by then. Both Mrs. M and I think she will be fine by then and she does not seem to have any setbacks with attachment when we get home, so I think this is good for her. Plus, it is only 3 hours a day and she is with her sister the whole time :)


  1. Sounds like things are going pretty well..
    Love the photos..
    Have a great weekend..

  2. Awwwww, I am sure its quite the adjustment for Miss Mia - it will keep on getting better!

    Especially with the bonding they are doing in preschool. So glad to hear how well Finley is doing!

  3. Looks like things are going wonderfully! Mia will come around.


  4. Thank you for sharing your journey. I really love the dresses that the girls are wearing in this post. I was wondering if you would mind telling me where you got them or who makes them. They look so cute and comfortable too. Thanks.