Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Whale

Everyday my school pick up schedule is 3:30pm pick the girls up from preschool (they go afternoons 12:30 to 3:30-- next year we are switching to AM's) and then head to the boys school where they need to be picked up by 4:30pm from soccer. By the time we talk to the girls teacher and load them in the car and drive the 15 min to the boys school, we have about a half hour to kill before picking up the boys. The boys school has this whale area that is a really fun playground environment and the girls look forward to the half hour they get to play there everyday. They have so much fun and yesterday I decided to take out my camera and take a few pictures since they love it so much.

Mia assumes the big sister role and pushes Finley on the swings

Finley loves to swing!!

Mia, our little gymnast, does anything but swing correctly. She flips, sits sideways or whatever else she can do to spice things up!! She is such a little monkey!!

Gotta love the hair!

Finley in the car taking a water break

Too pretty!!

Horrible quality so I made it sepia-- it works.

Sunday was my 39th birthday. After church my parents had a little party for me at our favorite little pizza place. It was a lot of fun. This Friday night, we are having a big dinner out at a really awesome restaurant. Totally looking forward to that. No kids-- except Finley of course.

Getting ready to sing

It was a nice little party!!


  1. The girls look very happy. We play on Harry's playground most everyday after school too. Kate loves it. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!

    Looks like Finley is really getting into the swing of things. Great!


  3. Such cute pictures! Finley is looking so happy! Happy birthday from one spicy Pisces to another :)

  4. Happy belated Bday dear friend!! Our Bday's are close!!!

  5. Christy, I am so thankful for your transparency and encouragment. It has been and continues to be a real struggle with Libbie (and mama) she will have nothing to do with me. She won't even let me feed her or take care of her basic needs. Lambert left me alone with her yesterday and she literal screamed for over 3 hours. After 2 hours of screaming last night I took her from our room to the living room so that baba could get some rest. She cried from 12:00 am until 3:30am, but she did let me hold her... praise the lord. i thought we had made friends, but this mornign it was back to normal. She is a firecracker. PS happy birthday and thanks again for being so honest about your experience. At least I know I'm not alone in this!