Monday, March 14, 2011

Ouch and Rock and Worship Show!!

First off-- yes ouch is the first thought that comes to mind as well. Finley had a little conflict with her nose and the headboard of our bed-- she didn't win. Poor baby-- she was jumping on our bed and did one too many bounces and her face hit square on the headboard right at the bridge of the nose. It started pouring blood and she was screaming but it soon stopped and she was fine but I knew she was going to have one heck of a bruise and sure enough, I was right. This happened on Thursday night and this picture was taken this morning-- swelling down a lot but really black and blue- poor thing. Luckily, it has not hurt her much at all and I have just given her a bit of motrin here and there. To all you that asks, no I did not take her to the doctor because if it was broken, they would do nothing and would have just said give her motrin-- therefore we chose not to take her in-- remember she is out 4th-- been there done that :) Anyway, she seems fine and is her old happy self :)

On Thursday night the Rock and Worship show came to the Citizens Arena in our area for a show. It was amazing and had groups like MercyMe and Jars of Clay and The Afters and many others that were awesome!!!! We took the kids and while the girls fell asleep, the boys loved it. We went with a few other families from our boys school and the kids had an amazing time worshiping and singing along with some of their favorite Christian bands. That is one thing I love about the boys going to a Christian school is that they freely worship with their friends with no inhibitions. It is a beautiful thing to see!!!!

The stage

Ethan and his pals from school-- Jared, Benny and Sammy in the yellow and hat.

Horrible picture but this was MercyMe lead singer. I was unbelievably impressed with this band. Not only are they one of our favorites but they were so evangelical and have an amazing heart for the Lord. They also sang I CAN ONLY IMAGINE- which is an all time favorite!!!

The boys worshiping-- they were on their feet the whole concert

Owen loved The Afters and got their CD and had them sign it. They sing LIGHT UP THE SKY-- it is a very popular song right now. They sing others you would know but I cant think of them right now. They were amazing!!!!

Jars of Clay-- yes they sang DEAD MAN as well as FLOOD-- we were so happy and they rock!!!!!

Again, it was an awesome night. Friday morning they were exhausted from the late night (we didn't get home till after midnight) but it was well worth it. They need these experiences with their Christian friends to not only grow their faith but to create lasting memories. My parents use to take us to "Christian Rock" concerts when I was young and I remember them so well-- I want to do the same with the kids.


  1. ooh poor baby Finley...OUCH!!

    The concert sounds amazing...lots of my favorite worship bands...what a fun night!!!

  2. not the prettypretty face!!! luckily those things heal pretty quickly!!! Jealous about that concert...looked awesome!