Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Adding Finley's Picture

Does anyone know how to add a picture of Finley to my header. I would also like to change the kids pictures to more recent pictures. Anyone know how?

This picture is from my friend Kim's house this weekend. She was moving and our Sunday School Class helped move her all day after church on Sunday. The girls enjoyed themselves playing with all the boxes. This is a sweater they were getting rid of and the girls decided to put it on. They were so proud of themselves-- too cute!!!!

I love how they are holding hands!!


  1. Adorable picture... oh, and happy birthday!

  2. What a cute Sister picture. That would look cute in their room! When you find out how to change the pics let me know! I have a blog by her that I want to update and start on again too!

  3. Yes,I know how. If you don't want to redo your whole blog, you need to contact the person who created your header and see if they saved a copy of it in photoshop format. If so, they should be able to easily go into the saved header in photshop and replace the layered pictures with new ones.

    Or, I could save the file as a jpeg and manipulate new pictures over the old ones but not sure if they would fit as your blog title is pretty big.

  4. Sorry, girl - I know NOTHING :) But I am sure the girl who did your blog would be HAPPY to add that cute face to your header ;)