Monday, April 4, 2011

Warning~ Underwear Clad Girl~ Warning

First off, sorry about the last post. I could not get the pics to post. Maybe when I have time I can try again. So, what is Ms. Finley doing besides running around our house in only her undies with her sister (half the time it is butt naked but we attempt to keep undies on them)? Well, she is up to all kinds of stuff and doing AWESOME!!! She is officially-- finally-- in love with mama!! I'm still no daddy but I am a darn close second which I will happily take!!! Finley is into everything and the girls spend an inordinate amount of time playing in their kitchen, making amazingly huge messes and chasing after each other. When the boys are home they like to bug their brothers or just play with them on the basketball court. Finley's language is coming along amazingly well. She understands almost everything we say and is speaking a ton. She says things like ""what did you do??" or "I don't like that" or "I like ______ mama" or "What are we doing now?" and tons of more statements. She loves to ask "Why?" over and over again and when I finally just tell her because mama says so, she replies with "Fine then." It is fascinating how much these little ones absorb. People assume when you adopt a toddler that communication is one of the hardest parts but usually that is not the case. Communication for us has been amazingly easy. Yes, she is brilliant--insert proud mama smile- but kids around her age just soak up everything and in a short amount of time they understand everything and can speak too. She can count into the teens- which she loves to do- and is starting to form letters in her writing. She is doing wonderfully in preschool and it is as if she has been attending as long as Mia. She is learning so much and just blends into the class beautifully. Her teacher is amazed and her and the psychologist (one of my colleagues)is doing a little study on her as a completely second language learner in an English only environment and how fast she can pick things up compared to ELL kids in a non English home environment. They are looking at some other stuff too but they love working with Finley because she is so smart and so easy to get data from. I love that she is doing so well in preschool. Other than that, our little Finley is just an easy going, happy kid who blends into our family seamlessly. She is not as high maintenance as Mia and has a really sweet and delightful personality that is just easy to be around. She is a pleaser but also her own little person. If she does not like what you are doing, she will stop you or just walk away. She can hold her own against other really strong willed kids (ummm... like maybe her older sister....) and wont be taken advantage of. We are just in love with our little Finner Binner and she is doing amazingly well!!!! Here is out little twerp on the basketball court playing with her brothers-- of course in her undies-- which I had to make her put on when she went outside.

Enjoying the bent hula hoop

Doesn't quite spin as well as she would like

Action shot!!

OK, now let's try the scuttlebug with the hula hoop-- didn't work too well!

She is a laughing fool!!! She loves to laugh and any little thing will make her giggle. She has the best giggle around!!!

Little Acrobat!!

She is so darn cute! By the way-- she has a little dimple on her left cheek when she laughs-- you can kind of see it here-- too cute!!!

Silly girl!!


  1. I can ALMOST hear Finley's contagious laugh! And I LOVE that dimple! She is so cute in her little underwear :) the nous areprobably thankful for that private backyard!

    Glad she is starting to let down her guard with Mama more and kong so well with her English! Amazing!

  2. She is absolutely precious! I'm so happy she's doing so well. I can't wait to see how having 2 girls changes the dynamics over here ;)

  3. Seriously, she is just adorable!

  4. Her smile says it all! Happpppy girl!!

  5. I'm glad to see that Finley is doing so well!