Monday, March 7, 2011

Nothing much Going on here

Not much going on here right now with the exception of me starting back to work tomorrow-- just my normal 2 days a week so it is not too bad. I have not taken many new pictures for a while so I will soon, but here are some of the pictures that have been lingering around that I never posted.

Jake took Ethan to the San Diego Wild Animal Park a few weeks ago. They had a great time. Jake and Ethan have been neighborhood friends since they were 4 years old. Jake celebrated a birthday yesterday-- March 6-- which is my birthday too-- we share a bday :)

My big boy!

Such a beauty!! This was taken with my phone and was horrible quality so I made it sepia and it is a bit better but I didn't want to get rid of the picture because it shows how beautiful she is-- amazing!!

A few weeks ago we took Finley to her first movie-- she was not overly interested and totally not a TV kid at all but I had to take a picture of the girls-- it was a very cold rainy night.
This week I will commit myself to take more pictures-- although it is raining outside now and totally ugly but I will try. Today is another day of preschool for Finley-- pray it goes well-- I will let you know :)


  1. Back to work, off to preschool, sounds like there are some things going on in your house after all. Hope all goes well.


  2. I hope your first day back to work goes well.

    Your girls are just adorable! I love seeing pictures of them together!