Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend in Big Bear!!!

We had planned on going camping this weekend with a bunch of our friends but we had a big dump of snow in our mountains this past week so the crew (all 21 of us) decided to head up to one of their cabins in Big Bear to get some snow play in before the end of the season. The cabin is wonderful!! It is on Big Bear Lake-- has it's own dock and everything-- and it is HUGE!!! All 21 of us were so comfortable and we all had a blast!!

The girls enjoyed watching for the boys coming down the hill snowboarding. The boys were the only ones who could snowboard. Kevin cant with his hip and the boys are now using all my gear and I did not feel the urge to spend $700 to buy new gear for the last snow fall of the year-- so the boys were it-- with all their friends!

Finley was not too interested in being in front of the camera, so she ran away every time I tried to take a picture of her.

Mia was happy as can be to smile for the camera
Ethan at the end of a run

Ethan coming down the hill

Owen taking a break

Owen on his way down the hill

The cabin is decorated in a cowboy theme and there are saddle chairs all over the place. Needless to say all kids-- big and small-- enjoyed the riding- I mean sitting in them.

Finley enjoyed the saddle thoroughly!! She is such a ham!

Chris, Jack and Kev sampling some Belgium Beer. Kevin did all the cooking this weekend so we ate like kings!! Our appetizers on Sat night were Grilled Prawns, Mussels in white wine and other stuff with bread, candied walnuts with Stilton blue cheese and some other stuff on top of a baguette-- plus a few other things. It was tremendous!!! Dinner was short ribs in wine and other stuff and polenta that was beyond amazing. The whole meal was perfect and my dear sweet husband was to thank. He is amazing!! He also made all the breakfasts!

Ethan on the saddle

Strange big brother

This picture was poor quality so I made it sepia and it is OK. I wanted one of the girls together because they had so much fun on the saddle pretending to ride into the sunset-- notice Bullseye in Mia's arms-- they had so much fun!!

The weekend was awesome and we are so thankful for our generous friends allowing us use their home to have a fabulous weekend!!!

I am going in tomorrow to have the melanoma removed. Please keep me in your prayers and I will update you all on how it goes.

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  1. Looks like a great time up there with the fam Christy. Praying for your melanoma concern...Mike Congalton