Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Picture Attempts

Mia turns 2 years old tomorrow-- can you believe it??? I cant believe how fast the time has gone since we held our little 6 month old daughter in our arms in Changsha Hunan China. It is just crazy!! Anyway, I went to have her official 2 year old pictures taken today at our local outdoor mall (yes it was like 90 degrees today) but sadly, Mia woke up not feeling very good with a runny nose and a bit of a fever. I decided to still try to get the pics since my portrait club membership ends tomorrow and I work tomorrow so I wont be able to use all my benefits-- so we decided to attempt the shoot.

Mia did not cooperate very well during the shoot but we did get a few cute ones (I will post them tomorrow). While we were waiting to view the pictures we went out into the courtyard and took a few candid shots. None really turned out but here they are anyway.

Playing with her feet

Watching the other kids play in the fountain

The dress and bow is from Strausberg Children and Laila bought it for Ava 2 years ago. I have been waiting for Mia to use it becuase I loved it so much. It is so big on Mia that she probably can wear it again next year-- yaaaa!!!

Mia played in the water a bit-- but I did not let her dress get too wet.

Just chillin

Kind of cute!

So tomorrow I will post the pictures we got from the professional shoot. We don't have anything planned for tomorrow night but will probably do a cake and just hang out as a family for her birthday. Since we have my grandparents 70th wedding anniversary on Saturday at our house, Mia's birthday party was bumped to the following Saturday so we will be celebrating her birthday a few weeks late-- not like she would know or care. Anyway, more pictures to come tomorrow :)


  1. Happy Birthday Mia!

    I think these pictures are beautiful....the dress is just darling on her.....can't wait to see the rest of the photos!

    While you were sweating in your 90 degree weather, we were digging for hats and gloves....we got our first snow!!

    Hope Mia has a wonderful day tomorrow!

  2. Just precious photos Christy!! Happy, Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Mia!

  3. Happy Birthday Sweet little Mia..
    Can't believe she is 2.. seems like yesterday that I was watching you in China..
    LOVE the dress and can't wait to see her pictures..
    Hugs girly..

  4. Happy Birthday 2 such a big girl!!! Love the dress and Mia looks adorable in it. Such a little lady:) Can't wait to see the photo's tomorrow!!

  5. Happy Birthday Mia! It's hard to believe she is 2 already. Our girls are growing up too fast!

  6. Beautiful pictures Christy! I love Strausberg and will someday soon be getting a dress from there.

    Happy Birthday Mia!!!

  7. I can't believe she is going to be TWo already!!! She is such a little peanut!~!!

  8. Happy Birthday Mia! Love the dress!!!

    We don't have one of those stores in our neck of the woods, but I sure wish we did. :>)

  9. Happy Birthday Mia!

    Love the picture where she is looking right at the camera.


  10. Happy early Birthday to Mia! Can't wait to see the pics tomorrow! She is so cute!

  11. I love Mia's dress. It is beautiful. What a blessing to have this lovely "hand-me-down." I loved the pictures from your Halloween party as well. Too precious. Have a great week girl. Hugs. LA

  12. Happy Birthday Mia! Wow, I can't believe how time flies by...I remember last year whenshe was celebrating her 1st birthday.

    She looks so cute in her red dress. I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures! : )

  13. Those pictures are adorable!

    Happy Birthday Mia!!

  14. Great photos! She looks beautiful in that color!! So pretty -- can't wait to see more!

    Happy birthday little Mia!!


  15. What a GORGEOUS dress!!! I cannot believe that Mia will be 2! Where has the time gone????????? It seems like just yesterday when you were waiting for your referral and got 'missed.' Mia is just beautiful and I love checking out your blog. :)

    ~ Michelle Z
    aka - iggypickle :)

  16. Hey!! I recognize that fountain!!! Mia is such a cutie! I also have a beautiful Strausburg dress I plan for Georgiana to wear for pix someday.... maybe we'll try to the fountain too :-)


  17. Happy 2nd Birthday sweet and adorable little Mia! I love the pictures in the tut where she is no cooperating too. It SO reminds me of my LIFE!


  18. Happy Birthday Mia! I love the pics and the video clip. It's been a couple of weeks since I checked in on your blog. I was so bummed to hear that someone's been hassling you over silly little things that they have no clue about just from a few pictures. Don't let it get you down. You know you're a good mom.

    Gin =)

  19. Christy,
    I think your photos are better than the professionals. I would frame some of those, especially the one of her close up with the background blurred. Nice job! Happy birthday sweet Mia. Time flies doesn't it?