Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Fun

** Another update-- we are all fine. The fires are out-- they lasted till late last night but we were not in any real danger. I even went to work half day yesterday. Anyway we are all fine. Thanks for all the comments. I will post pics tonight :)
** New News-- we are all on fire!!!! There is a big fire burning in the hills directly above our house. If you hear it on the news they are describing it as burning on the boarder of Fontana and Rancho Cucamonga (we live in Rancho Cucamonga) but they say it is burning in the San Sevaine Wash and that is big open land area behind our house. We actually live ON San Sevaine Road. Not sure what is going on right now. They are talking about evacuations but nothing at this point. We just got word that the boys school- Etiwanda Colony Elementary- is cancelled for the day. This sucks!! Anyway, if you see the news it is called the Foxburrow fire and if you see the large open land area, our house backs up to that wash (that is where the horse trail we walk on runs along) along the west side of the wash. I will keep you updated.
First off I want to thank all of you for your amazing support over the last couple days. Sometimes we get really down on ourselves and yesterday was one of those for me. I was overwhelmed by the personal emails and all the comments I received from all of you. You guys really got me through a bump and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your compassion and caring. It is all of you that keeps me blogging-- I love you all dearly and thank you for your blogging friendship :)
Yesterday Mia was looking so cute in her little outfit that I took her out in our backyard and took a few cute pictures of her.

I was so sad there were shadows on her face because this is such a cute picture of her. I turned it into sepia to try to minimize the contrast.

A chopstick holder is very interesting to Mia.

Do you recognize the dress/ shirt she is wearing?? That is the dress she wore in our Christmas pictures last year when we took fall pictures at Oak Glen.

Last year a dress, this year a shirt-- I love to get 2 seasons out of clothes :)

Funny story. Mia always puts on my bracelets and necklaces and I always have to take them from her or she will lose them. This day she wanted to wear a bracelet and I took it from her and she was really upset and then i remembered months ago that I had found this little bracelet in the laundry and I never found the owner therefore it has just sat in my laundry room. Anyway, I remembered I had it so I put it on Mia and cut some of the extra length off and it looks adorable!! She loves her little bracelet!

I'm number one!!!!!

Mia could swing all day if I let her and she likes to go "high mommy high mommy!"

After the photos in the backyard we went to Victoria Gardens and I let Mia play at the play area.

She loves the slide and is so brave. All the other moms were shocked she went down things on her own-- sorry I should have put a helmet on her (just kidding-- thought I would make a lame joke)

Dakota- A friend Mia made at the play area.
Today Mia got another hair cut. Finally, after 5 cuts, her hair is all one length-- actually her bangs are a tiny bit longer than the rest of the hair-- love it!!!!!

They could not believe how good she was during the hair cut. I told them she loves girly things.

The after picture. Her cut is so cute and I love that it is finally all one length. It is a really cute little bob!!

After Mia's cut we met Laila and Ava for lunch at Claim Jumper-- our once a week favorite!!

The girls looking at the desserts-- they are huge and the desserts are something Claim Jumper is known for.

The girls posing in front of the desserts

The girls are just so cute together!! They play beautifully together-- too cute!!

My little model-- she looked so cute in her tutu from Target (on sale for 6.99 at target right now-- they are sooo cute)


  1. Mia looks so grown up in the photos with Ava! Too, too cute! And I am loving that backpack...almost as big as her! We still need to get together hopefully soon.

  2. One of the things I did on my blog is to moderate the comments before they get published to the blog. This keeps the cowardly anonymous mean comments from being published and I can decide for myself if they are warranted comments or not. If I think they may have a point, I will mull it over. But they don't get to criticize me publicly and absolutely not anonymously. If you're going to criticize, have a backbone and use your name.

  3. Okay, dying from cuteness over here! I love, love, the sepia picture and also the picture of Mia after her haircut. I am sooo envious of her hair as Gracie has only had 2 cuts so far! :) She does look like she has changed so much since the last time we saw you guys.


  4. Okay.. I can't stand the CUTENESS...
    Mia is number 1...
    Love her to pieces...
    Love how you used the dress and then made it as a shirt..
    Thanks for the idea..
    Looks like she LOVES sliding.. and yes you should have put a helmet just wanted to add my two
    Love the little tutu and the little cute backpack... Mia is darling...
    Love the new haircut...
    Have a Great Week..
    Love ya girly..

  5. Mia looks so cute! I love her hair cut and love love her tutu! I must go to my Target and see if they are still there! Thanks for the heads up! : )

  6. Oh my that hair cut is SOOOO supper cute! She is changing so much, as is Ava! Everytime I see Ava I see her mommy! :)

  7. Mia is so darn her new cut....and the tutu...I just saw them at T@rget the other day as I was swinging through!!

    I just read your update....hope you are safe, keep us posted. That is very scary!


  8. I love her little tutu - so girly & fun! And I love the bracelet too. Let me guess, since it didn't cost you anything, she probably treated it very well & never lost it? If you HAD spent a ton of money on it - it would be broken or lost. Sigh.

    Love Mia's hair!!!

  9. Wow Christy! So scary! Will be praying for your protection, cyber friend!

    BTW, that girl in the tutu is SO CUTE! :>)


  10. Oh my goodness. I just read about the fires. Ya'll be careful. Please keep us updated. I am so worried. Sending up a prayer for your family! Hugs, LeighAnne

  11. Praying for all of you.........

  12. I just love Mia's hair cut that way!!! She looks so darling from the back, of course, from the front too!

  13. Love the hair clips (I love the crown one!)!

    And THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for introducing me to Love to Sparkle. My first order arrived today and I LOVE THEM!!!!

  14. That B&W photo needs to be in a contest! Beautiful!

  15. Hi! Just discovered your blog! Mia is beautiful! I love the pictures (and the one you changed to sepia to minimize the shadows across her face looks great!).

    I also had such a good time going through each of your "Gotcha" videos in the me all sentimental over our own Gotcha days...I am AMAZED at how calmly and happily Mia remained all through the videos...that is definitely NOT the norm!

    She sure is a cutie!!!

  16. Be safe girly..
    I will be thinking of you..
    YOu are in my thoughts and prayers..

  17. Stay safe and love all the pix..Mia's haircut is sooo cute.

  18. Okay.. thought I would get an update before work..
    Hope all is well..
    Hugs girly..
    Thinking of you..

  19. SO CUTE!!! Love the first pix even with the shadows!!

  20. I'm so glad you and your family are okay!!

  21. So glad you guys are fine! I read it yesterday but didn't have time to comment! I kept coming to check for an update and was getting worried for you guys!

  22. Oh geez! I haven't checked in on you in a few days. Boy! I am glad to hear that all is well.

  23. Wow, you've had a lot going on lately! So glad that the fires are out. Mia's haircut is so cute and stylish.

  24. Glad to hear that the fires are out! Great photos! Mia's haircut is just adorable. She's such a cute little bitty girl! Have a fun weekend!


  25. Love Mia's new bob! She is so adorable! I love the pictures of her with the ice cube! can have the fits over the funniest things! Hope you don't have to work too hard this weekend....enjoy it whatever you are up to!

  26. Oh good golly - her haircut is darling! Love the tutu:)


  27. too too cute. hope you guys are okay from the fire!!