Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Random Stuff and Prayer

First off Prayer:
** Update-- Rita and Sophie were found safe and sound in a hut deep in the trails of Mt. Baldy. Thank God they were found!!! I do not know details at this point but they are OK!!

One of the pastors at our church and a long time family friend was diagnosed with Leukemia a few months ago. Please continue to pray for Scott as he is getting weaker and they do not think he will survive the bone marrow transplant surgery.

Another pastor at our church Dennis is also a long time family friend and he and other pastors from our church along with my dad were at a missions conference last Friday and he had what they thought was a heart attack but what ended up being a torn aorta. He was in surgery all night Saturday night and they could not stop the bleeding. They need to go back in to finish the aorta repair but they cant yet because he is too unstable. He is still listed in "GRAVE" condition. Please keep him in prayer.

Then this came in just a few hours ago and it is really disturbing. The wife of another pastor at our church (Sophie) who is now on a missions assignment in Lithuania with their 5 children (my boys grew up with their kids and we are friends) is here visiting for the past month. Sophie is a friend and is close to my sister through leading Celebrate Recovery (CR) at our church. Anyway, her and another friend went on a day hike in our local mountains yesterday and never returned. The sheriffs started a big search at 3am but as of this morning they still have not found them. This is really horrible and we need prayer that they are found soon. Even though southern California is not too cold it was really cold last night so we really need to lift them up in prayer.

Lots of Random Stuff:

This is lunch with Ava. The girls play so well together.

My little fine motor abled child-- strange-- she is so dexterous!!

After my test of Friday we did a quick trip to Disneyland with Ava, Laila, Cassie and kids. It was a lot of fun and we dressed the girls in their Halloween costumes.

This is Mia on any typical morning roaming around with this bucket on her head-- why??? I have no idea!!

The same morning hanging outside with her brothers drawing on her new (but used) table.

And finally look what we found in our pool and decided to save and not let die--- A RAT!!!!!

Please pray for all the above prayer requests. A lot is happening that needs prayer!!


  1. Wow, you got hit with a lot to deal with, Christy. We will be praying here.


  2. Oh how wierd. I tried to do something in my comments and it changed it in a way I don't like. I'll fix that.


  3. All of you are in my thoughts and prayers..
    LOVE the pictures..
    The new clippies are soooo darling and their outfits are tooo cute..
    Glad you saved the rat.. that is funny...
    Love the new/used picnic table. we had all those Little Tike things when the kids were younger.. now have to start over..
    Love Mia and the bucket on her head.. she is tooo funny..
    Have a Great Week.
    Love ya girly...

  4. I will keep all your friends in my thoughts. I hope all turns out well.

    You did make it to Disney! Was it still crowded by the time you got there? I hope we can all get a Dland trip in together soon.

    I haven't "seen" you on my blog in a while.

  5. We are thinking of your friends and hope they recover and are safe and sound in no time. So so scary. The kids all look great and are growing up so fast. Mia is adorable as always:)

  6. Oh my goodness...your whole church is in my prayers~

    I love the flower clip in Mia's cute, and the Halloween costumes are darling!

    You were nicer than I would have been with the RAT!!!

  7. My've been through A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will definitley say prayers for everyone! How sad.

  8. Please update us on your friends, that is a lot at one time.
    Mia - too cute, love her pictures!

    The rat - oh my gosh!!!

  9. I will be praying for all of these needs. ICK - A RAT. I would have died. Hope your having a great week. Hugs - LeighAnne

  10. We will be keeping all in prayer. I'm loving the bumble bee!!

  11. Wow...emotional week :) Praying for those that are in need this week!!

  12. Wow Christy, you have a lot going on. I will say some prayers for your friends that they all fully recover.

    Mia looks cute in her bee outfit. Can you tell me where you guys are decorating the cookies? Just curious as I didn't see that when we were there.


  13. Wow, the pastors at your church are being bombarded. I am so glad they found the girls and they are ok.

    I love the bee costume. It is adorable!

    THe rat is gross!!! I guess I'd rather fish it out alive than dead!

  14. just wanted you to know that I'll be praying!

  15. praying so glad the girls were found and why exactly did you let the rat live?