Friday, October 24, 2008

The Yard and Crying Tutu Mia~!~

Kevin has been working diligently on the front yard to try to get it ready for the big party my parents and aunts and uncles are throwing at our house for my grandparents 70th anniversary next weekend. If you recall, when we built the basketball court on the side of our house we had to rip out the front yard and re rout all the sprinklers. Basically, the whole front yard was totally ripped out and Kevin had to start over (he likes doing it). We removed all the concrete and had new concrete poured a couple weeks ago-- it looks beautiful! In a month we will stain the concrete a cool color. Anyway, Kevin has been working on the sprinklers for the planter area and for the grass. He had 10 yards of top soil delivered yesterday and today we had 1700 square feet of sod delivered. Today was spent putting down the sod and planting the plants. It looks totally amazing!! He still has a few more things to plant and we have to get the fountain that is going on the patio area in the front but it is looking really good. Tomorrow during the day I will get some pics of the finished product.

Mia and I ran errands and tried to help Kevin as much as possible. I tried to flip Mia's hair and it turned out cute. Anyway, She was in a good mood but came outside and dropped her ice cube she had been sucking on and freaked out. Here is what transpired next:

Here is the flop on the ground part.

Then I finally got her up and set her down and here is the ball my eyes out part.

And then the scream at the top of my lungs part.

And then more of the scream and cry my eyes out in a pathetic attempt to get mom or dad to actually do something-- it didn't work.
Finally, she calmed down a bit and I was able to actually get a picture or two.

OK, maybe I will try to smile for the camera-- maybe...

Oh, now I have daddies big drink that has ice in it-- now I will smile :)

Oh, I missed this crying picture-- should have been above but don't feel like moving it :)

So here is the yard while in Kevin was laying sod.

The planter in the front is the only thing that is left from the original landscaping. Kevin actually put the front planter in when we first moved in because I was scared the boys would run into the street. We love the planter!

The sod and part done yard.

Kevin hard at work.

Cute drink pictures-- happy girl now :)

-Too cute- she was happy the rest of the day :)

Thumbs up-- I like the crystal light :)

Contemplating the meaning of life

Yum yum good!!


  1. Oh my gosh!! her hair is precious flipped out! Precious! Even the fit is adorable :)

  2. Okay.. this is why I can stand the wait.. Looking at Mia makes me smile every time.. even when she is crying her eyes out..
    LOVE IT..
    Mia's hair is darling flipped.. but she is darling any ole way..
    Hugs girly.
    Can't wait to see the front yard finished.
    Have a Great Weekend..
    Love ya girly..

  3. Oh my goodness! Those pictures are absolutely adorable. Could Mia's hair be any cuter flipped out like that?! What a doll!

  4. I just love her hair flipped up! And that's my professional opinion! Cute as always.

  5. What a cutie....I love the flip!

    And that outfit is to die for!!

    She is so adorable....

    Enjoy your weekend!


  6. Oh my word, she is so cute!! Love the little tutu!
    I love the picture where she's thinking about whether or not she's going to keep belting out the screams or maybe flirt with the camera :)

  7. Mia looks adorable even when she is throwing a fit! I like her hair flipped up.

    Your yard is going to look great! I'm excited for you guys. : )

  8. Love the little flip on Mia -- so cute!! Man, your Hub is quite the worker, isn't he! Sounds like the yard project will turn out great! Have a fun weekend.


  9. Love the hair flipped out! Mia is so cute no matter what mood she's in. Your yard is looking great! Ope your weekend is a great one.

  10. Her hair is so absolutely adorable!! Love the "tantrum" shots. Brings back the good ol' days for me. lol... Can't wait to see the finished product. It looks great.

    I know what a party can make you do. We just had that big one here a few weeks ago. It definitely pushes you to get things done!

  11. Can you even stand how CUTE the flip looks!!! She is so funny!!

  12. The flipped hair is soooooo cute!! Can't wait to see the finished front yard.

  13. I love the flip! I can't wait until Lily's hair is long enough to do that.

    The tutu and entire outfit is so adorable. I even think the crying pictures are cute! Great to save for a rehearsal dinner someday! :)

  14. We get that screaming-at-the-top-of-my-lungs experience here as well. UGH! Welcome to Hope as a 2 yr. old. :)

    Mia looks adorable with her trendy flip. So CUTE!

  15. Precious pix! Go to my blog you got a blog award!

  16. I am SO crackin up at Mia's fit. HOW FUNNY!!!!! She looks adorable in that little red skirt with her little flipped out hair! Too cute!!! By the way, your house is so pretty. I can't wait to see it when the yard get's done. We don't have very many homes here in Alabama with that kind of roof. It is very unique. (At least to me it is! :)) Hope yall have a GREAT week!

  17. Can she get any cuter! Love the flip! That is a big project Kevin is taking on. Props to him!

  18. Look at her little flip - these pics are priceless!! SO cute, Christy.

    Have a great week,

    PS - SO glad you are all safe and sound, those fires are scary!!

  19. Mia is getting so big! What a beautiful girl you have. I'm glad to hear that your family was unaffected by the fires.

  20. love the throwing a fit pics because well, she is just so darn cute!

  21. She is such an adorable mess!

    Love the shoes! LOVE the tutu!
    I am trying so hard not to buy one in every color of the rainbow!

    And I am finding that I could quickly have a "little girl shoes" obsession.... which makes me feel a tad guilty, since the 3 older brothers only really need one pair at a time....