Monday, August 11, 2008


I am just so excited that my friend Debbie from Church, who lives just a few miles from me, just received her referral for her beautiful daughter LILY HOPE!!!

The funny story is that for years I hosted swim lessons during summer for people at our church who wanted to come. A good friend from church taught them and she basically just used our pool. Well back in the summer of 2005 we were having our first Home Study visit with our social worker and it was going a bit long and the swim lesson kids and parents started to show up. Debbie and her daughter Hannah arrived for swim lessons and walked in while we were still visiting with our social worker. Debbie and her husband were not in our Sunday school class but I knew who they were and that they were thinking of adopting from China. Since our social worker was there I introduced them and shortly after our social worker left and Debbie and I proceeded to have a lengthy conversation about adopting from China. Since Debbie was already starting to collect documents for the paper chase I encouraged her to check out our agency and so they did. Within a week or so they were signed up with our agency and the process officially began. Officially Debbie and her hubbie started the process about 6 months before us and their log in date ended up being just 3 months after us but their referral came 1 year and 4 months after ours. We use to talk about how we would get our girls close together but that did not end up happening. BUT, little Lily was born mid September 2007 so she is only 11 months younger than Mia and I am sure they will grow up as dear friends. Another cool thing is that Lily is from Hunan so they will have GOTCHA in the same room we did and will probably have the same guides we had-- way too cool!!! I cant believe Mia will have a "sister" from the same province very close in age living only a few miles away attending the same church!!! I am just on cloud 9 as this is just an amazingly wonderful family who has waited what seems a lifetime to see their babies face.

Soooooo without further ado, Here is Little Lily Hope:



  1. Lily is beautiful...
    LOVE her smile..
    It is sooo excited to see referrals of families you know...
    Hope you are all adjusting..

  2. Oh my gosh; look at that precious smile!! She looks so tiny & so happy!!

    Thrilled that Mia will have a China sister so close!

  3. Oh my goodness, she is beautiful! Congratulations Erickson's!!!

  4. Wow, she's a cutie pie! How awesome that the province is the same and they are close in age! Yes, I'm sure there will be a special bond!


  5. OH WOW...she is BEAUTIFUL!!! How exciting!!! So sweet!!! She looks a little like Mia too!! They'll be like sisters!! Have a great day!

  6. What a great story. Gotta love those Hunan Spicy Girls. What city is she from?

  7. Oh my word...she is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations to your friend!

  8. What a smile!! Congrats to your friend!

    Just catching up on your posts...LOVE the family shots in HI. OMG those are beautiful!

    BTW...I'm coming down end of September, maybe we could grab a cup of coffee or something while I'm there.

  9. What a cutie! I love referral time!

  10. What a beautiful baby girl! How fun that she and Mia can be friends!


  11. She is adorable! I saw this pic earlier today. Gotta love RQ. That is wonderful that you two will be able to share that together!

  12. She is such a cutie!!! How exciting!

  13. What a beautiful baby girl! Congratulations Erickson family!

  14. Oh my gosh! She is beautiful! Congratulations to the Erickson family.

    That is such a great story that they are both from Hunan and will have their "gotcha day" in the same room. That just gave me goose bumps! God is so good! HE has placed a "sister" for Mia from the same province only a few miles away!!! Amazing!

    Now, if she doesn't already have a blog, you must show her how to set one up so we can follow her journey!

    Also, I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed following Lucy's journey so much. She is such a cutie pie!! Her big grinny smiles made me laugh everytime I saw them. Thanks for letting me know about her journey and the crazy coincidence there too!

  15. Another miracle waiting to happen. I watched your Gotcha video and of course, am sitting here crying tears of joy. Those video's never fail to get me teary!


  16. Congratulations to your friends!