Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hawaii Days 2 - 4

First off let me say how sorry I am for not keeping up on my blogging responsibilities. Laila and Cassie have been texting me angry messages (well kind of) and they say I must post NOW!!!! We have been going crazy with things to do. Each day we start with a wonderful buffet breakfast and then we head out for our crazy adventures. We spent the first day at the hotel but day 2 and 3 we have headed out for cool adventures.

Day 1 was fly day-- day 2 was hang around here day.

Day 3 we went to a really cool beach just up the way-- Nepali beach I think and it had cool tide pools and was just beautiful. After that we went to this place called Dragons Tooth and it is lava formations that look like you are in a dragons mouth. What was so cool about it is that it was out on this bluff and the water was splashing everywhere and you could see huge sea turtles. It was just amazing and we loved it. We then came back to the room and let Mia nap and then went to dinner and walked on the beach for quite some time. It was a beautiful day.

Today we woke up to the same cool breakfast and then headed to this blow hole up north. I just thought it was going to be a blow hole but it ended up being so much more. It was just the coolest thing and we had to walk down this huge cliff area to get there. It was a big hike but worth it. Then we went to these warm pools just north of the blow hole. The pools were totally cool and what was the coolest thing is that they were like out in the middle of the ocean so the waves were splashing up and it was kind of scary-- very cool!! Then we went to this cool snorkeling area and walked through a jungle to get there. Once we were there and in the water snorkeling it started pouring like a rain forest rain. It was so cool and it ended up only being our families out snorkeling with all out stuff by the shore getting soaked. It was very very very cool and we all felt very adventurous. That gets me to now. We are in our room and Mia is napping. The boys are next door watching a movie and Kev in in the shower. We are going to eat pizza tonight and just play it low key. Tomorrow Kevin and Brian have arranged a surprise for Heather and I (cant wait!!) and then we are just going to hang around here. We are thinking about doing a sugar cane train thing in the afternoon but we are not 100% sure. We just need a slow day.

Anyway, sorry for being a bad blogger but I will try to be more on top of it over the next few days. Enjoy the pics.

Taken at sunset right before dinner last night.

Today on the hike to the blow hole.

This morning before breakfast.

These were all pretty much day 2 when we just hung around the hotel and the beach.

These were at the cool beach we went to on day 3 with the tide pools. It was beautiful!!

This was the blow hole today and you can see us trying to look in the hole. It was so darn cool and when a big wave came it would shoot super high into the air and it would get everyone soaking wet!

More blow hole pictures. It was a crazy hike up and down but we all did well.

(by the way I would like to point out that if you are wondering why Christy keeps wearing the same dresses every day-- they are my beach cover ups. I am wearing my bathing suit under the dress and they are so comfy that I am wearing them everyday-- but not at night)

This is at those cool pools today. They are right on the ocean and the water around the pools is really rough. It is kind of scary but really cool.

I forgot to bring my camera to the jungle/ snorkel part today so sorry-- no pics of that.

That cool dragons tooth from yesterday is in Heathers camera so I will get those pics from her tomorrow. We have some totally cool pics from that stop so I will try to get those soon!!

That is about it for now. I will post soon!! Love tons, Christy :)


  1. God Chris it's about time!! I've been checking your blog like every hour or two looking for an update lol. Looks like you guys are having so much fun! Say hi to everyone and keep posting. :) Love you guys lots! (oh lol at the pic of Mia throwing a tantrum in the ocean with Kev---being obstinate there I presume? hehe)


  2. AWESOME pictures!! It looks like you guys are having an amazing time!!! What a GREAT family vacation!!!! Thank you for taking your time to share with us!!! Have more fun!! Can't wait to see what your surprise was!!!

  3. Christy, you are so funny about the dresses! The pic's are great and you look like you guys are having a blast! Enjoy and post!

  4. LOVE the pictures...
    Looks like you are having a GREAT time...
    HOW FUN!!!!
    It is okay about the cover
    Can't wait for more pictures..
    Can't wait to see what DH has in store for you..
    A massage maybe..

  5. It looks like you are having such a GREAT time!!! Thank you for sharing the photos and your vacation. Bruce and I love reading them. Bruce is such a flirt now with girls (and he's only 2) and when he sees Mia's picture he points, smiles and says WOW.

    Bruce's Mommy

  6. You're not a bad're on Hawaii!!!! Lucky girl! It looks like you guy's are having a blast! Enjoy!!!

  7. Sheeesh. Finally some communciation! It's so unlike you. However I guess we can accept the flimsy excuse of you being on "vacation" and "too busy" to post :)
    Anyhoo, you guys look like you're having fun. I too love the pic of Mia in "meltdown" mode (HEY LO). Glad you guys are taking an easy day around the hotel. Get pics of the surprise for Heather. Is it her B-day? I'm heading home from Vegas to take care of the doggy's. Say hi to everyone.