Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Road to Hana

First off I must say how adorable my dear husband is when he is round brushing Mia's hair. Mia totally tolerates her hair being blown dry and Kevin enjoys doing it so it makes for a cute little interaction.

This is Kevin getting Mia ready for dinner at Kobe Steak House (kind of like Benihana) in Lahaina last night.

This is us at dinner last night. The kids loved the knife show the cook put on-- gotta love teppan grills.

As we were walking back from breakfast this morning one of the hotel staff members was passing out fish food to feed the Koi fish. The kids got a kick out of feeding the fish!

After breakfast this morning we had plans to take part of the Road to Hana to a bunch of cool waterfalls. The road is very windy and makes for a very sick stomach so we took it pretty easy but we got past the half way point which I believe was at about mile marker 25 or so. On our way out we stopped by a beautiful beach we had passed a few times close to our hotel. We took a few pictures.

Love the way everyone else looks but totally hate the short squat look on me-- uggg!! Oh well is is pretty cute.

Our first stop was at about mile marker 4 and it was twin water falls. There was a smoothie stand that made fresh banana bread as you entered so we had to try some-- by the way it was yummy!! As we began to walk up the trail Mia decided she was not going to walk nor be carried and began to throw a huge fit. We just stood there and watched her and smiled as the people passed by us wondering what the flailing child was doing on the ground. She finally snapped out of it and went in the water at the falls. There was a rope swing and the kids loved it!!

The Lemelins-- wow what a pretty picture (and family)-- I took it (kudos to me :)

Mia at the base of the twin falls trail before her breakdown.

Our next stop on the road to Hana was a black sandy beach that we were able to drive down to. It was just beautiful in every way and we were the only ones on the beach for a really long time-- this is when Mia napped.

Yes this was forced by me-- but it is a cute picture. I think when it was over one of them punched the other one- or something like that :)

Ethan on the beach checking out how far he threw his rock.

Owen checking out how deep the water was.

Kevin and I taking our traditional "see we were here" picture.

After the black beach our next stop was another way cool waterfall that was a bit of a cool hike away.

This waterfall by far was the coolest. It was really hidden so not many people were there and it was just amazing. It was 3 falls into a clear pool. Just amazingly beautiful!!!

We took a few family pics while there.

I think I like this one the best.

My boys!!

Sitting on a rock checking out the falls.

Mia loved climbing over all the rocks. She did really well with her water shoes on. By the way-- number one purchase for Hawaii-- WATER SHOES!!! We use them all the time!!

On the hike back up we had to walk through a bamboo field (or kind of a cliff area) so we took some cute pictures.

After that it was pretty late-- like about 5:30pm and we still had about a 45 min drive to get back to the head of the road so we decided to head out and stopped by Mamas Fish House on our way out. Hearing the name i pictured a very large Polynesian woman serving tacos on the side of the road out of her little tin roof shack-- not quite!! It was a full on like 5 star type dining restaurant. We would have loved to eat there by ourselves but not with our 3 plus Brian and Heathers 3 tired and hungry children. The kids menu prices were $20 per kid and the adult menu prices ranged from about $30 and up well over that. A bit out of our range in light of the fact that we were nasty and sweaty and had been hiking to waterfalls all day. So, after valet parking the cars we hopped back in the cars and drove to Los Amigos Mexican restaurant and had all the chips and salsa we wanted. It hit the spot and we were able to sit outside so the kids had a bit more freedom. Overall, it was a wonderful day!!!

Tomorrow is an easy day and I think we may parasail so I will post pictures as soon as I can. Hope all is well with you!!!


  1. HOLY COW!!!!
    LOVE the new pictures..
    Looks like you are having an AMAZING time...
    LOVE the new family picture..
    And the one on the beach is GREAT..
    Have FUN!!!

  2. Girl, the picture of the 5 of you walking on the beach is AWESOME!!!!! frame-worthy for sure - just a beautiful family!! and of course, the mother-imposed picture of the boys is DARLING! DON"T FORGET that in 20 years, you won't remember (nor will they) that is was inflicted upon them - they'll only remember the love they have for each other :)

  3. What beautiful scenery!! We have never been there...but looks wonderful!!! I LOVE the family pics of you guys walking on the beach. That water is SO blue!!! I also love the picture of you guys at the waterfall. It's a great pic too!! Thanks for posting. I love hearing about your wonderful vacation!! continue to have a great time!!!

  4. Wow - This place looks so luxurious. I know that you and your family and friends are having a wonderful time. :) I love all the pictures. They are fantastic. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Your family photo's are gorgeous!! Looks like you guys are having an amazing time!! Good for you!!

  6. OK, Kevin fixing Mia's hair is just too cute!!

    Looks like a blast,and all the pics are great!!