Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some Pro Shots

When we were in Hawaii part of our hotel package was that we got a professional photo shoot included. I thought they would take us out to the beach and do really cool shots but it was not that cool. Basically the lady spent 10 minutes with us and only took pictures around the hotel lobby and what we got was a free 4x6 and had to pay for anything else. None of the pictures impressed me much so we just took our free 4x6. Once we got home I started thinking about a few of the pictures and was sad that I did not have them. One option was that we could get all the pictures on a disk for $100. At the time we were not interested but once we got home I started wanting all those pictures. So, I called them up and they shipped me the CD. Upon reviewing the pictures I am still not totally impressed but there are a few I am happy we have and on the whole I think to have these pictures it was worth the $100.

Wish Mia were looking at the camera but still cute.

Love the dead pan face.

Kind of cute. The look on Mia's face is totally funny.

This is the picture that got me to order the CD. I remember loving it but thinking Mia has her tongue out and that is not cool but after thinking about it I totally wanted this picture. I just think it is so cute.

The family pic.

Not a fan of the full body shot but it is OK.

So those are the best of the professional shots. What do you think?


  1. Aw I love these shots!! You look beautiful Chris!

  2. Totally worth the money, especially for the one with the tongue out! You guys all look so good, you most of all!

    Hi to Lo up there!!!!

  3. I think they were worth it...
    I LOVE the one of the 3 kids and Mia's tongue out..
    TOO CUTE..
    Your family is beautiful..
    Have a Great Week..

  4. Those pictures are great! Love the one with Mia with her tongue out!! You have such a lovely family!


  5. You all look great, but Christy, you look so pretty in these pictures!

    It was wonderful to see you all yesterday! We had a fantastic time. Could you believe the fireworks show? And our luck?! Both the girls fell asleep before we were out of the park. With the crowds and the walk, and waiting for the elevator, I didn't get home till 11pm!

    Can't wait to see you guys again!

  6. I think they are all cute and the boys really look good. Love the Mia tongue picture! Ditto to what Karen said about yesterday.


    PS~ Can you email me the link to the cheap hair clippies. :)

  7. The pictures are GOOD but the ones you took on the beach are REALLY GOOD!!!

  8. I absolutely love your dress! Where did you get it? You look so beautiful in it!

  9. Totally worth it!!! I love the pictures! You all look GREAT.

  10. I'm with you - i sit around & think about these things. If someone has TAKEn pictures of me & my family - I WANT them :) It was worth it; especially with the CD, you can print off whatever you want. I love your white dress too!!

  11. I think they're good. I love the waterfall in the background, and love the one with Mia's tongue sticking out!

    I love her little shoes so much!!

  12. Christy,
    The photos are great. I love the one of Mia on the horse. It reminds me of the terra cotta warriors horse. Ironic huh? It's impossible to get everyone looking perfect with a family of 5 but that's what makes them real and shows true personalities. Love them.

  13. What great pics! Hope your trip was wonderful. I am just coming out of the fog :) and checking in on blogs.

    I want to be on your blog roll. I changed our name to "And Lucy Makes 6"

  14. What a beautiful family you have!
    Thanks for stopping by. I'm sorry
    I didn't respond sooner to your
    req for our blog, I see you posted
    it. We just came back from Hawaii
    too. Fyi...I'm going to make a
    post, but wanted to let you know
    that our local agency closes
    next week.

    Take Care,


  15. Love all the beautiful. You have some of the cutes clothes too!!! I just love the way you dress. I am in SUCH a rut and seeing what you wear sometimes inspires me to try things that are "out of my box". Thanks! Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Beautiful smiles and scenery!!

    Love the tongue out picture...

    just hoppin' through.


  17. well, I'm not too impressed with the color, the exposures, or the posing...considering how CUTE your kids are and the photos you get of them out on the beach. But then again, $100 for the CD means this photographer isn't one of the great ones I know on the island. ;)

    Very glad you got them though as the faces and memories are wonderful. :)

  18. I love the 3rd from the bottom, great picture of each you with lots of personality coming through.

    Beautiful family!