Friday, August 22, 2008

Random Cute Pictures

I know many of you are getting totally sick of Hawaii pictures but I have been bad at taking pictures since we returned so I don't have a lot to post and there is just so many Hawaii shots-- sooooo here are a few more. I promise these will be the last of them. We have a busy weekend with school starting on Monday and Ethan's birthday party is on Saturday (Ethan's bday is Monday August 25- the first day of school--uggg) so I should have some good pictures to post tomorrow night. For now, here are some Hawaii shots from the craft room at the hotel. There is one picture of the older kids making their "candy lei" and Mia was sitting on the glass wall looking as cute as ever, therefore I had to shoot her. The color is not great as the lighting was odd and I only had my little camera but they are still cute.

Mia looking just too darn cute :)

Drinking mommy's diet coke-- I know it is horrible but what can I do? Just a little.

Older kids making their candy leis.


Just too cute!!


  1. Too, too cute! You can post the Dland pictures! Did they come out? I didn't get any really...just some video of the fireworks

  2. OK...I LOVE Mia's first pose at the cute. They are all wonderful pics!!!! Makes me want to go to Hawaii!! We go to Disney in 6 weeks or so...Hopefully we can get some good pics!!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. **I** am certainly NOT sick of Hawaii pictures!! bring them on :) The lei making looks like fun, especially since they were edible!

    Confession time: my kids have drank out of my soda since they were old enough to suck through a straw! It is alway Diet Coke or Diet Mountain Dew! Yes, folks, that was Mountain Dew. :) Oh, well!

    Thank you for your precious excitement about our referral! We are still floating on cloud nine and it has been almost a MONTH since we first saw her face. We are so in love with her. She actually "belongs" to an orphanage in Henan, she is just being cared for in Beijing. New Day Foster Home is not affiltaed with SCC, but it IS a foster home for special needs kids. We got our rerferral through the traditional Waiting Child program through CCAI, it is just unique that she is being cared for in Beijing and that we have so many pictures of her!

    We are currently waiting for our Letter of Acceptance (LOA) which could take 2-4 months from when we sent in our Leter of Intent (which we did at the end of July) So, one month down. We are *thinking* November, but as with all things - no one knows!

    But we will wait & November is right around the corner :)

  4. Who could ever be sick of photos from Hawaii?!! Not me. Love Mia's swimsuit and the candy lei's look very cool -- bonus that they are edible! Have a fun weekend and b-day party!


  5. I love these pics. I have never been to Hawaii but after seeing all of your pics, it makes me really want to go. We love the beach! I love the candy leis. How fun! And Miss Mia is adorable as ever in her swimsuit. Mallory used to sneak my diet coke like that. What am I talking about? She still does! LOL

  6. Precious Pictures. I love them all.

  7. Mia is such a cute little peanut!! Thnaks for sharing the pics!

  8. I can not believe you got that dress at Target! It is goregous and I am right there with you on the bigger hips and legs. A-line and wrap dresses are certainly my friend. We have Marshalls here in Alabama too and I love them. I am the bargain queen. I actually get a high from finding something I want on sale! :) Do you have Ross stores in So Cal? They are very similiar to Marshalls and you can get all kinds of namebrand and designer things for next to nothing. Have a great week!!

  9. Sick of Hawaii pictures? Never! Those are just adorable! I love the candy leis too!

  10. I love the Hawaii pictures...not sick of them at all! Mia looks too cute in her bathing suit. Ellie LOVES Diet Coke too! : )

  11. Keep putting the Hawaii pictures on..
    I am loving them.. that is the closest to me going there...
    Love the candy lei's... looks like FUN!!!!
    Okay.. Mia.. is soooooo cute...
    LOVE ALL her little swimsuits... I want you to keep them.. I will buy know me and swimsuits..
    Hugs girly..
    Have a Great Weekend..
    Can't wait to see Ethan's bday party and first day of school pictures..

  12. I am so not sick of Hawaii pictures, bring on some more! Love the craft place at the hotel, what a great concept!

  13. I'm finally catching up with all my blog friends after our vacations, and I've totally enjoyed looking at all your gorgeous Hawaii pictures. Looks like you guys had a super great time! I love that you got so many family pictures, as well as cute pictures of the kids. I also love your new blog look -- very fun just like you! :)

    P.S. I also give Miss Sarah sips of my Diet Coke, and I'm soooo glad to hear that I'm not the only mom who does this!!

  14. That coke is as big as she is!! They are adorable. I know you just had the best time.

  15. Nope, not sick of them yet:) In fact, wishing I were there right about now!!

    Miss Mia is growing up so sweetly - love to see her.

    I loved all the family shots too, what a blessing to have these precious memories.

    I love that you share them.


  16. I just recently found your blog. I love the Hawaii pics and think Mia is just adorable!!! Just post are a great photographer! I need lessons :)

  17. I just recently found your blog too. I love your Hawaii photos! Mia is so that swimsuit. We used to live around the Rancho Cucamonga area (I so miss Victoria's Garden!), we are now in Nor Cal. I was wondering if you would mind if I added you to my blog list? Thanks!
    waiting for referrals