Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School & Ethan's Real Birthday!!!

** By the way, a few people have asked if the boys school is big because there are so many kids in the pictures. It is a K to 5th grade but it is a big school-- I think there are around high 700 to low 800 students. It is big but is a great school with great scores and great staff. I really love the school but next year when Ethan goes to middle school we will be moving them to private school. Not because we don't like the school that Ethan would be going to but because we want the boys to have a faith focused (kind of insulated) education.
Today was the first day of school for the boys and it was actually Ethan's 10th birthday as well. Ethan (nor Owen - July 25) has never had his birthday at school so this was a first for him. The morning came quite quickly as we have been going to bed way too late and waking up way too late so this morning was quite a shock. The boys did great with getting ready for school because they were so excited but I'm sure as the days go on their sleeplessness will start kicking in.

The boys walking into school on the first day!

Kevin and Mia walking into school. Mia was way tired also since she too has been on the late schedule.

Owen lining up with his class.

The male teacher behind Owen is Owen's new teacher and was Ethan's teacher 2 years ago-- the year we brought Mia home. You may remember pictures of Mia with Mr. Kooyman.

Remember this picture-- This was the week we got back from China when Ethan was in 3rd grade.

Auntie Lynsee and Kaitlyn finding their class line. Ethan and Kaitlynn are in the same class again for the 3rd year in a row. We are so pleased ad they get along really well. And yes, that is the same auntie Lynsee that was riding Ethan's bike at his birthday party. She is a fire inspector for a local fire department.

Ethan and Carson are back in the same class again and they could not be any happier. They are great friends.

Kaitlyn are in the same class as well-- Ms. Ricco (one of my favorite teachers and a good friend)

Ethan and Kaitlyn are at the same table along with Carson and Ethan is sitting next to his neighborhood friend Tanner who is a really sweet kid.

Later in the day I brought homemade (like how I threw that in) cupcakes for Ethan's birthday.

Carson and Ethan again.

Ethan and his teacher Ms. Ricco who is a friend of mine. I was sooooo praying Ethan would get her and I am soooo happy he did. She is a great teacher and a wonderful person.



  1. What a GREAT first day back to school and a Great Birthday..
    Looks like the kids had a WONDERFUL day..
    Love the pictures and can't believe it has been two years in school for the kids since Mia came home.. Just seems like yesterday that you were in China..
    Hugs to you..
    Have a Great Week..

  2. What an exciting day for all. Today our Spicy Girl started school. She was quite shocked when I put her to bed while it was still light outside. I told her to get used to it because we're changing our routine. LOL!! Alas, she is fast asleep. It looks like the first day for your family was awesome!!

  3. Happy Birthday Ethan!
    Hope the school year is great and your 10th year is even better!

  4. Ahhh, the wonderful first day of school! As a previous kinder teacher, I was just thinking today how I really miss teaching my students. It looks like the first day went wonderfully for both boys. Before long, it will be the first day of school for our girls.


  5. What precious photos. I love that you still make a big deal out of the boys first days of school! I can only imagine what you will be like when Mia actually starts school (I predict LOTS of photos, awesome clothes and accessories, and tears from momma!)The boy's school looks huge! How many kids attend there? Talk to you later!!

  6. wow...what a great day!! Can you believe our kiddos are 10!!!?!?!?! WOW...I just can't believe it. Watching the grow and mature (at least my little girl) is so overwhelming!!!

    Gosh...your boy's school looks like it's HUGE!!! What grades are included at their school. Does it go all the way through high school? Looks a little intimidating, it's so many people!!!

    So glad Ethan had such a great b'day! Love all the pics below and you go mom...for making those homemade cupcakes for him in class!!! That's awesome!!!

    Hope you guys have a great week getting back into the swing of things!!! I LOVE structure!! I'm glad it's back!! :) have a great week!

  7. Great photos! Looks like a wonderful start to the new school year.


  8. What a great first day of school! I love the homemade cupcakes! You go girl!! Looks like everyone is going to have a great school year!

  9. Looks like a great birthday and a great first day of school:)

  10. Looks like a great birthday and a great first day of school:)

  11. Great pictures! Those morning do come awful early, don't they!

  12. Happy Bday!! I have started school or been at school plenty for my bday as has my little brother.

  13. Happy Birthday Ethan!! Can't believe he's 10! I remember the moment he was born with his cute little mushed face. :) I miss you guys!

  14. I just love the first day of school, now and even when I was little.

    Homemade cupcakes??? In our elementary schools...ONLY store bought goodies are makes me crazy!!