Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Surgery time

We finally got Finley surgery time after waiting forever for it. I guess because this is an emergency surgery and that's a long surgery they have to kind of fit it in where they can so they're able to fit it in 10 AM tomorrow morning. That means on the operating table at 10 AM so they'll probably start the prep couple hours before that. We've had lots of visitors today and Finley is doing well. She is a little needy right now and worrisome but I'm now back to the hospital and kev and i spend a little bit of time together with her before Kevin Left to go relieve his mom whose been watching emery. We all are a little nervous and worried about surgery but we know God has this covered and we dont have to worry about anything.

The plan at this point is that the neurosurgeon will go in her original scar and attempt to detether the spinal cord as well as clean out any fat or scar tissue that is in the spinal column. They will have a doctor who is simply watching the response of the nerves that the neurosurgeon is stimulating to determine what the actual function of the nerves that he is touching. After they are done cleaning out And detethering they will then allow plastic surgery to close so they can finally remove the large Lipoma- fat pad- she has over her scar. That will be an amazing blessing as the fat pad is starting to cause her a little self-consciousness so having that removed will be wonderful for her and clothes will begin to fit pretty normal after this. So plastics will close her and basically clean up her lipoma and do a little bit of a scar revision and then they will close. They're estimating the surgery will take minimum of six hours and could possibly be longer.

Please lift fin up in your prayers. She is a trooper and understands minimally what is going on and is ok with it. The hard part for her will be the pain so we will stay ontop of the pain meds so the pain doesn't get out of control. She will have a tough recovery. I have been told that this surgery is very painful and to make it worse she has to lay completely flat for 3 full days-ugg- to make sure she is not leaking cerebral spinal fluid. Pray for her comfort.

10am is the time. Please cover Finley in prayer. She is a tough kid! Please pray for the other kids especially Mia and emery. Mia is scared for fin and said tonight when she visited that she had never been without fin. She is nervous. Also emery is being put through the ringer as well. She was with Kev this am but the was passed off to grandma which she loves but then I came home for a few and spent 20 min with her then had to disappear (shower and nap) for 3 hours then came downstairs and spent 20 more min with her then passed her back to grandma. She was very upset. The same thing will happen tomorrow so please pray for emery as she misses us so much.

Thanks so much for all of your prayers. We have felt them. We also are so appreciative of our wonderful family and friends who have been helping with child care, pick up, drop off etc. we are so blessed to have so much support. We love and appreciate you all!!!

I'll update you all as soon as we see the surgeon in the morning. For now fin is asleep and doing well!!!


  1. Thinking of you and your family. Especially praying for Fin and her surgeons today. Wish I was closer! Big hugs from Kentucky!

  2. Praying over the hands of the surgeons and the hearts of your precious family!