Saturday, January 26, 2013

5 days home

Hi guys I'm so sorry I haven't posted for so long but it is we were discharge fromthe hospital things just started To get super busy and I haven't had any downtime all week. Finley is doing great. Her motor function is doing awesome and she does not have a limp anymore. We have a physical therapy evaluation on Monday to determine if she needs services but other than that her motor is doing awesome.

The one side effect that we have had from surgery is the continued loss of bowel and bladder function. We still do not have either of those back yet but we are praying that they will come back in time. The neurosurgeon seem to think that she is in spinal shock right now and with all the swelling its going to take some time for those functions to come back. They may never come back or they may come back - we honestly don't know. We are treating it as if they will never come back so we can be prepared and excited if function returns. Really, all of this is a lot easier than I thought. Catheterizing is totally easy and something that we will teach Finley how to do herself very soon. The bowel regimen is coming along and we are working on perfecting that but we've made tremendous progress this week and it seems to be just a once a day thing thats really no big deal. I would really appreciate prayer for the two areas that they will return. I just don't want Fin to have to deal with it for the rest of her life but if that is what God has planned for her then we will make it work.

The neuro wants Finley off school for six weeks minimum and possibly longer. I have gone through the process to get her placed on home hospital teaching which basically means they send a teacher to the house for one hour a day five days a week which is totally awesome in my mind. The teacher just called this morning and she is going to start on Monday so hopefully Finley will not fall behind in her academics.

So, we have a lot of things going on but all of them are in the right direction we're feeling pretty good right now. Finley is an amazing strong kid that has just gone along with all of it like it was nothing. The bowel regimine, the cathing, all of this has been nothing for her and she has just taken it in stride. She's truly an amazing miracle child and we feel so blessed to call our daughter.

We have an amazingly fun next two days with our friend ava's birthday party at Disneyland so I will update with the pictures from that. Thank you guys so much for all your continued prayer and again sorry for taking so long update but all is going well.


  1. I know I haven't posted in a very long time, but I wanted you to know that I keep up with you. Many prayers have been said on Finley's behalf during the past few weeks. Glad to hear things are improving! Hooray!!

  2. Prayers coming your way. So happy to hear things are continuing to improve. We will continue to pray for Finley and her recovery.
    Hugs from CT