Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 1 post op

Sorry for the lack of updates today. Ill start from last night. Today overall Was pretty darn good. Finley slept well last night (night after surgery). Not much pain. They only have her on Motrin. Crazy. But she's fine. Ive asked her a ton of times if she is in pain and she says shes fine. She has been eating and drinking well all night after her mri this morning was done. she had to have an "after" sedated MRI this morning which I was not overly happy about but she ended up sleeping really well for a while today.

The neuro came in this morning and took her catheter out and we are hoping she will have full sensation to pee. So far, she feels like she needs to pee but when she sits on the toilet she can't get the pee out. They say this is common after surgery not to be able to pee for a while but im a little freaked out because we have had to cath her twice which worries me. She was fully continent before surgery so we praying she will still be after surgery. Please pray specifically for this.

I was so excited this morning to have been able to meet dr Zouros who was the dr who consulted on finleys file before we accepted her referral. It was his recommendation that gave us the final push we needed to accept her referral and now here we are - crazy!!! He rounded with dr Sadanand who is our neuro that follows fin and he did the surgery yesterday. Dr Sadanand gave me more info in the surgery yesterday and he said that because Finley was so unusually tethered that there ended up being a ton of people in the OR with a ton of medical students and residents. He said there was quite a gallery of people watching as her level of tethering is something they rarely see. He also said all the students and others were equally shocked when dr Sadanand told them that with all that tethering that she was fully continent with no limitations. They were shocked she was not horribly disabled and couldn't believe she was a super high functioning kid that only started having symptoms as of Saturday. She is a miracle!!

We are struggling with her staying on her side or stomach. I almost wish she could be on her back as that is her natural way of laying. I'm constantly checking her and moving her back into her side. They don't want her to put pressure on the wound so that's why she's not in her back. Dr Sadanand and Zouros said that if she has no leaks of cerebral spinal fluid and she is able to pee and poop ok that we will be discharged at the earliest on Monday. Could be longer if there are issues but we are praying for Monday.

Finleys spirits were Better today. I think it's sinking in that we are in for the long haul but she does keep asking to go home. Owen and Mia visited today and last night emery came in for a few. My parents came last night and today as well as some Wonderful people from our church. Tomorrow we are having lots of visitors so I'm sure Finley will be entertained.

So that was today. I'll update tomorrow. Please specifically pray for her bladder to go back to normal. Thanks


  1. Praying for her and her bladder. Praying for you guys too that you feel the Lord enveloping you in His peace, comfort and strength. Glad to hear you have many visitors coming which will make the day go quicker.

  2. Glad she is doing well. I will pray for continued healing. Hang in is almost over (the hospital stay;)

  3. Don't worry about the urination. It is a problem after surgery. I had a doctor order me to go home and I was still lying there with a catheter and had not yet been out of bed! The nurse informed me I had to pee before I was discharged. We were so angry. He had split me down the middle from my breast bone to my pubic bone. Lots of pain. My husband INSISTED they keep me one night. The surgeon never came to see me after surgery. Jerk.