Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 2 post op

Today was a great day for Finley. She was in good spirits and had lots of visitors. She was happy all day and really seemed like back to normal. She is still on flat bed rest but will hopefully be taken off laying flat tomorrow sometime. The neuro came by this morning and since fin still can't get the pee out he wanted me to learn to cath her as he said lots of kids that have this invasive a surgery do not get bladder function back for a few moths- yikes!! He said 30% of kids will never get function back but since she feels the need to go but just can't go- that's a good thing. Please specifically pray for this. The neuro said she will probably be released Monday afternoon IF her bowels get moving. She has yet to have a BM (sorry of this is tmi) but if everything is flowing appropriately then Monday should be our day. Please also pray for that. I literally can't miss work Tuesday. I have 5 BIG meetings I can't miss - and wednesday is no better and if she is still in the hospital things are going to be difficult. We will make it work but a Monday release will make life super easy.

Fin has had to be flat on her side this whole time but had gone into the bathroom to try to pee and when she does she walks normal--yaaaa!! She was kind of jetting her leg to the side this morning like she was when she was limping but I told her to walk correctly and she did!!! Yaaa!!! They seem to think that tomorrow when she is able to get out of bed and everything starts moving again that all those functions will also get better. We are praying that is the case. Even if everything does not come back (bladder) then cathing isn't too hard and we will make it work.

So tomorrow is one day closer to discharge. Again, specifically pray for her bladder and bowel function to return. That is huge and we would appreciate all the prayer we can get.

Praying for a good night sleep. I'll update tomorrow!!!

Christy :)


  1. Oh Christy, I've been traveling for the past week and just checked your blog for the first time and caught up on Finley's ordeal! Thankfully, she seems to be recovering nicely and it sounds like she's under wonderful care. Sending prayers for continued improvement and strength for your family as you face the next few weeks.

  2. What sweet smiles. Praying for her speedy healing.

  3. precious smiles, praying specifically for her!

  4. Love the photos! Joyce and David