Thursday, January 10, 2013



  1. So so cute! I keep forgetting you have a third little cutie from China! She is darling!

  2. Sorry for the second comment, but I was wondering after looking at Emery's timeline how you were able to lock in Emery without your dossier being submitted and how the process was able to go so fast. Was Emery a special focus child. We started our process in October and just got a notice that the USCIS recieved our paperwork. Now waiting on fingerprinting and then hopefully we can get our approval for the 1-800 a. Our agency hadn't even shown us any pictures at this point. Does a supplement 3 allow you to get around not having a dossier sent over to China? Sorry so many questions, but we are all ready in the mode of thinking about doing this a second time and wondering if there is a faster way?

  3. She is preciousness overload!!!!