Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our Trip to Haiti

I have mentioned it a few times but Kevin and I are going on a missions trip to Haiti. We are heading leaving this Sunday night for a missions trip with our Church. It is something Kevin and I have wanted to do for a long time and I am thrilled we have the opportunity to travel with our church. We will be in Haiti for 10 days and will be in the Port-a-Prince area. We will be joining an International Missions group and will then become cogs in a working machine.

The primary goal of the tip is construction but we are fortunate enough to have one of my best friends come with us who is a medical doctor, therefore we will also have a medical team which I will be a part of--- totally scary for me- I'm not the medical type-I'm the psychological type but this will be good for me- stretch me a bit.

We will be living in tents in one of the tent city areas of Port-a-Prince. We cant bring much with us of value including wedding rings, etc. because of theft. It is going to be very primitive with a possibility of showers and a hole that may be considered a toilet, but it will be an amazing opportunity to show many people the hope Jesus can bring.

My sister is moving in to take care of the kids and we have a nice busy schedule for them to be occupied each day we are gone. It will be hard being away from the kids but they will have a blast with aunt Cassie, all the cousins, grandparents and friends.
Please pray for our trip and I will blog about it when we are back. There is no Internet in Haiti and we will not even have a phone or anything to communicate (although one team member might bring a world phone so we can send a message or two). It is going to be hard to be in such hot and humid weather with no air conditioned relief. I know that sounds pitiful, but we are so use to being able to get relief in the heat and there is none of that there. So pray for us that we will remain healthy and strong but also that we are able to really make a difference for just one person. I will post before we leave but please keep us and the kids in your prayers.


  1. Wow! Good for you Christy! I am sure this will be an extremely req=warding trip! Be safe.

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  3. I am sooo jeoulous.. I sooo would go with you if I could..
    It would be a lifetime experiance..
    Soak it up my friend..
    Take tons of photos..
    Safe travels..

  4. and Kevin will be in our constant prayers through this journey of yours. What you are doing is truly the work of God. Many, many hugs and lots of prayers to you and the team.

  5. Will keep you and Kevin in our prayers for a safe and amazing trip! Once you get there and see the devastation and what these people live in on a daily basis you will forget about your own discomfort as you will not have time to even worry about the weather. You will be fine and all those people will appreciate the help. Good Luck with this journey!

  6. You are in our prayers. Be safe and take care of yourselves. The petty things that we think about here are nothing compared to what the people in Haiti have gone through.