Thursday, June 24, 2010

Haiti Update June 24, 2010

No written updates from Christy today, but she did send several pictures- I wish I had more explanation for them, but this is what I got. I also heard briefly from Laura that they had a good day - they were able to make it into town to run errands and made a stop at the local pharmacy - I believe they were looking to buy some albuterol inhalers for their asthma patients. Laura said it had very limited supplies and was small and dirty, and the meds were very expensive for the local people - she sounded discouraged by that. She also mentioned that the people seem to like to negotiate prices and take their time - not much "rushing" around going on like there is here at home. And, it sounds like they had another busy day in their little clinic! The only other information I heard was that it was more breezy today, which helped with the heat, and Christy did post on facebook that the need there in Haiti is huge. I can't wait to hear more details of their trip, but in the meantime, here are the pics!

A view of the local kids' classroom:

Stray dogs looking for food:

Kevin and Laura in the classroom:

Kevin helping a little girl at the well pump water:

Cute little kid:

Kevin, Christy, and Laura in town:

Kevin in town:

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  1. Love the photos..
    looks ike things are dgetting done..