Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Haiti Update June 23, 2010

Hi everyone! I received quite a few pictures from Christy today via email from her phone. She also forwarded a brief update and my sister, Laura, who is there with her, has texted me a bit as well. Here is Christy's update:

We are doing great. Tons of rain so it's been hard and muddy but it's not been as hot as usual so that's good. Its still crazy hot and we are sweating wet all day. Kev is soaked and dripping constantly. Yesterday he drank about 30 24 ounce bottles of water and only peed 2 times. It's still hot but the rain makes it tolerable- if that's possible. Food is ok but portions they cook for 13 people are equivalent to a portion for maybe 5 in the US. It's minimal but we brought other snacks so we're fine. Days start at@5am and bed @8 so it's not our normal schedule. Also with the rain the mosquitoes are minimal as well. So we are happy about that. Again it's primitive but ok. We are loving the kids and workers. Everyone is so loving and sweet. Most of them are already Christians so we just fellowship together every day.

That was pretty much it for Christy's email, but my sister, Laura, also texted that they were very busy in their little clinic all day! Lots of patients lined up and they are so happy that they are able to help some of them. Laura said that Christy is an excellent medical assistant and has learned so much already! And she has been just great with the patients. For those of you who haven't had a chance to meet Christy in person, I'll just say she is known to be very outgoing and sociable! She enjoys talking and getting to know people, so I can totally imagine her doing great in this capacity in the clinic. They are seeing mainly people with respiratory, skin, and stomach complaints. Many of the patients are children. The group brought a load of reading glasses with them and have found that many people are requesting them. They are also seeing a lot of itchy, allergy-type eye issues. The people seem to be opening up a bit and are becoming more friendly as the days go by. It sounds like they are becoming more comfortable with the group of volunteers. From what I hear, the construction work on the new school is going well also.

Ok, now I will post some pics!

Christy and Kevin with local children:

Local kids:

Laura and Christy with Bilede, a little boy who was hanging around and very interested in the pictures on Christy's camera:

Christy with an adorable little baby girl that was brought to the clinic for some sort of stomach issue. They thought she was just the cutest little one:

Laura and Christy with schoolgirls:


Unfortunately, it looks like they have to dump their trash down by the river, and a lot of it ends up in the water. I'm not clear on the details, but Christy sent a bunch of these pics today. There are many animals that eat the trash and these wild pigs were hanging around quite a bit.

This is a little kitty that has been hanging out around the camp. She sleeps in the clinic and likes to climb all over Christy and Laura while they try to work. They said she's very cute and friendly.

Okay that's about all I heard today, besides a hilarious email from Cass, Christy's sister, about how she's doing watching Ethan, Owen, and Mia at home - loved that email Cass - totally gave me a good laugh:). I will keep updating as I get information! I know Christy would like me to send a big thank you to her family for all of the love and support they are giving her and Kev by taking care of the kids and making sure that everything is running smoothly at home so they don't have to worry. Christy and Kev both truly do have wonderful extended families! And I know that Christy also is so appreciative of all of the support and prayers from her friends from home, church, and blogger-land! Thank you!!!!


  1. LOVE all the photos..
    I sooo wish I was there with you ..
    Christy you can bring me home that precious little baby girl..
    OH MY WORD..
    Big HUGS to you and Kevin..

  2. Absolutely amazing photos and updates! Thank you Laila for keeping us all updated.

    Christy, Kevin and are all in our prayers constantly. Be safe and God Bless!