Monday, June 28, 2010

Haiti Update June 28, 2010

New update from Christy tonight:

Hi all!

Yesterday was good. It was not busy at all as everyone rests on Sunday- go figure? It was an amazing church service and it was a treat to watch these people worship. No homes, no material possessions and not always knowing where the next meal will come from but these joyful people worship and praise and trust the lord for all their needs. It was truly amazing!

We got a special treat and were taken to one of the beautiful beaches off Haiti and were given lobster, conch, and fish. It was very special and once again we got to travel by way of the open air truck. They call it a Haitian car :) We then came home and relaxed late into the evening talking as it poured rain.

Today has been really busy in clinic. By 1PM we had seen over 40 patients. We were so excited that 2 people from Texas joined our team late Saturday night. One is Scott and he is an associate pastor at a large cowboy church in San Antonio. The other member is Michael who is is a registered nurse in Dallas. He is from Nigeria and came to the states 15 years ago with his family. He came to the states by way of winning the visa lottery they use to have. It's an awesome story but he is a great man and does amazing in clinic as he is use to this type of nursing since he is from Nigeria. Both scott and Michael will be here until next Saturday.

Tonight we actually have to start packing up to get the stuff we are leaving for the people of the community organized. We have tomorrow and then we have to leave for Port-au-Prince by 6am Wednesday morning. Our flight leaves at noon and we get into LAX by 8:50. I can't believe we have to start packing. Time has gone so fast and we are sad it is ending. This is something I have grown to love and while I miss the comforts of home I could do this much much more - and I know we will - as a family. This is for sure not a fad- this will continue! Kev already has plans in the works and we will tell more later.

I write my emails throughout the day and started it at 1 and it is now 7 and we still have a line out the door with patients waiting. It's been a crazy day and we are exhausted - completely and totally! Our translators have left for the day so we have a Haitian who speaks Spanish translating to one of our team members who speaks Spanish who then translates it to us in English. Totally funny looking especially when we are trying to translate about vaginal infections and other sensitive subjects.

I'm exhausted so I'm gonna end this email so we can finish up our final patients and eat dinner. Lo and I are exhausted.

I will write tomorrow. We miss everyone.


  1. Sounds like you're having an amazing trip! Stay safe!!

  2. OMW..
    I LOVE all the photos and sounds like things have gone really well...
    I sooo wish I could go over there and help .. what a feeling that must be..
    Love u and miss u.

  3. What an amazing experience. I am sure you have all been moved in so many ways. Blessings for safe travels home.