Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Beautiful Kids!!!

Yes, much of the time I forget about their beauty and focus on their annoyances but sometimes I take a picture that just makes me stop and gaze. I was in the car on the way up to Owen and Ethan's friends house this afternoon and I took my phone and surprised Owen with a quick picture. This is what I got:

Sometimes he just takes my breath away. He is such a beautiful boy and he has a heart to match. A true clone of his father, he is a skilled kid who works hard and always does his best. Liked by all who he encounters, he is easy to be around and a natural leader. Just an awesome kid who by the way made high honor roll this trimester (3.5 GPA or above) and I am so proud of him!! Man do I just love this kid!!!

And then there is the clone of yours truly! A kid who must be around others at all time-- a talker who charms the girls with his words but also his dimples. Aww.... my boy. This one takes the easy way out whenever possible. Grades and academics come easily so he just skims by and is totally happy with B's-- were not!!! He is an authentic kid who loves others and most of all loves Jesus and actively walks day by day with Him. While this kid drives me nuts (too much like his mom :) he is an amazing, charismatic and gifted kid who I am constantly amazed by!

And then there is the peanut! Yes a peanut in size but a giant in personality. She shocks people with her advanced language and people are often left with the sentiment that we have our hands full. Full they are-- full of an exceptionally intelligent, wildly independent, fiercely strong willed, beyond adorable snugglebug who constantly challenges our parenting abilities. While she is a challenge, she is also amazing in every way and I so look forward to see who this little girl grows up to be!!


  1. Your love for your kids is jumping off this blog post - love it!

    And, you do have some adorable kids;)

  2. LOVE IT>
    I sooo cannot wait to meet the boys in person.. I know Mia is SPECIAL.. she is AMAZING.
    Love you all..

  3. Love the pictures of all the kids! Your description of Mia sounds like what I would write about Kailee!

    Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  4. Love this post! Your babies are just amazing all around!