Saturday, June 26, 2010

Haiti Update June 26, 2010

New email and pics from Christy:

Not a lot to post today. It was Saturday and clinic was slow. We had a few of our missionaries who had been here for 3 weeks leave and 3 members of our team took them to the airport in Port-Au-Prince (3 hour drive) to drop them at the airport and to pick up the new 3 team members from Texas. So our team was small today but Kev was out in charge of the labor so lots got done. It was a crazy hot day. Thermometer said 103 in shade. Crazy hot. Almost unbearable but we made it.

Clinic was really slow today. Probably a mix of heat but also it was Saturday so it was slow but still good. The creator of the Haiti rubble house was in our camp today. They are building 5 houses in our area for people in our church here. It's really a cool house and they already built the prototype right here by our camp. It's the coolest idea and Kev is jazzed and is planning on coming back to build one. The total cost of the rubble house is about $2500 and you can have one totally built house in 7 days. It's crazy and can really work to help rebuild Haiti. I'll give you more info later but it's just totally cool and Kev and I are hooked.

We also did bubbles with the kids and they loved it. Overall, it was a great but slow day. Kev was really busy with construction and loved every second of it. He is such a hard worker and mobilized all the troups. Totally impressed with my awesome husband!

We just finished dinner and are waiting for the rest of our group to get here. Miss you all tons and will write again soon.


And now the pics!

Saying goodbye to John and John Jr, missionaries in the group who had already been here for 3 weeks. Chris says they will miss them. John Jr. helped out in the clinic everyday. He is currently a student at The Citadel in South Carolina and would like to eventually be an Emergency Physician.

Daniel, one of the translators, selling his goods:

And the rest of the pics are from when they did bubbles with the kids. In the last pic, Chris was showing that their little camp kitty got bubbles on her too:

That's all for today! I will try to post pics and an update tomorrow if I get one from Chris early in the day (I am going camping) - if not, I will update on Monday.:)


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