Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Many of you probably heard in the news about the crazy weather we have been having here in Southern California. Besides lots and lots and lots of rain, we have had tornado watches, thunder, lightning and lots of snow in the mountains and some off the mountain too. My parents have a house in the mountains and they went up during the week and enjoyed the weather. They came off the mountain on Sunday and came by our house after church with a truck load of snow. The kids loved it but this weekend we are heading up to my parents house to do some real snow play!!!!

We unloaded all the snow in the cudesac across the street from our house. All the neighborhood kids had a blast.

If your wondering why there is a watermark on the bottom of the pictures, I am having my blog redesigned and it is called Hockey and Hair bows. Ashton, who is is China now picking up her brother, is doing the design-- she also did my last design. She is totally awesome. Picasa had a new version update and they asked if I wanted a watermark and I thought it might be fun to try one out-- not sure what I think-- we will see. hmmmm.....

Throwing the snow

Making snow balls to chuck at her brothers

My three adorable kids-- notice the snowball above Mia's head?

This is what happened the second I took the picture-- OWen smashed it on Mia's head. Totally typical!!

Not a happy girl

Feeling better eating some snow

She became quite the snowball craftsman

And a great snowball tosser



  1. LOVE IT..
    Looks like they love playing in the snow.. I wish I could go up with you to play in the real snow..
    John is parked in your town right now..
    Love ya girly..
    Have a great week..

  2. How fun! We have lots of snow here in Montreal but it is always surprising to see how our girls get excited to see it fall.

  3. It looks like the kids had so much fun enjoying your crazy snap of weather:)

    I can't wait to get rid of the cold and the snow.....bring on spring!!

  4. Mia is just beautiful and it's fun to watch her grow and change. The snowball on her head reminded me of something my older brother would have done when we were little - cute!