Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Reign Hockey Time!!!

Many of you know we are hockey fans and we are fortunate to have a farm team for the LA Kings within about 10 miles of our house. The Reign is the farm team and the action is awesome. Because they are wanting to move up to the big time, they play very aggressively and often fight-- which is always cool!! Many of you also know my boys play roller hockey and the Reign team is now one of our sponsors so we get to skate at the arena and we have some of the players tutor the players. It is very cool. Anyway, Sunday night we were given tickets to the Reign game and we took our friends Steve, Janine and kids. Lots of fun and a great game!

The boys always sit in the empty seats at the font so here is the group minus the boys.

Mia playing in the seats.

The boys are right on the ice sitting next to some of their friends from our school-- total trip that we ended up sitting next to kids that go to our little private school. Great kids and great family!! The boys were stoked!

The second a player goes into the penalty box, Owen runs down to the empty seats by the box and sits there and hangs out with the guy who got the penalty. It is hilarious and Owen thinks it is so cool. You can see the player on the bench. On the way out he game Owen air knuckles-- too cute!!!!!
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  1. HOW FUN..
    I LOVE hockey.. especially when they slame each other into the walls..
    Sounds like a great time.
    have a great week
    I have missed you ..
    Love ya..

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