Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Dinner

We hosted Christmas dinner for our family like we do every year and it was a great time as normal. We had 19 adults and 12 kids and Kevin made a wonderful meal. He (and Brad) Brined a turkey a couple days prior and then cooked it on Christmas. It was the most tender and amazing turkey I have ever had. Kevin also made for the first course, we had amazing French Onion, second course, Spring Greens with all kinds of Cheese and stuff in it and then the main course was Turkey, Savory Bread Pudding and Green Beans Almondine. Just an amazing meal!!

We enjoyed amazing wines which always makes the time festive!!

We were short a few people this year. My cousins were unable to make it but we had my other cousin and her husband (Sarah the bike racer who now lives in Geneva Switzerland). This table was the official "old table"-- they loved that label.

This was the official "young table"- we liked that label (kids were at a different table)

Salad course

My dad giving a toast!

It was a great time!!


  1. Oh my -- what a fun time! So very sweet!! Always great to family together! Have a fun week!


  2. We so enjoyed getting together with all of you. I know you and your family had a great New Year riding the motorcycles!

    Looks like an AMAZING Christmas dinner..
    Love ya girly..

  4. Have you ever seen that show "Brothers and Sisters" on ABC? Your most recent posts make me think your family is somewhat like that family (all together for good food, good wine, California livin', etc.)

    Looks like fun!

  5. That's A LOT of people!! Wow! Dinner sounds sooo yummy!! Can we come next year? You won't even notice us!!

  6. I'm so impressed!! The dinner sounds wonderful!

  7. Your dinner sounds wonderful. Your hubby is amazing. Happy New Year:)

  8. Looks like a wonderful meal together. Happy New Years to you all!

  9. Wow! What a fabulous meal! It looks like you had a great time! Cute pictures of the whole damn fam!