Friday, January 15, 2010

Food and More Food

Ever since Kevin changed his schedule to be off early enough to cook dinner, we have been eating amazing food. He is just a really good cook and makes amazing- fine dining type food. It has been great for our family now that he cooks and I clean but also for the kids. They are trying and loving food that most kids would NEVER touch. There are no nuggets and fries in this home- its all yummy, organic, natural wonderful food!! I decided to take a few pictures of some of my favorites from last week.

This is a grilled asparagus with a Dijon mustard sauce, poached egg (runny yolk) and hickory smoked bacon. It is sooooo good and you crack the yoke and it runs all over everything and it is totally yummy!!!!

This was a pumpkin soup with a cranberry relish. Kevin would be freaked I took a picture of something with a drip on the side- he is a perfectionist about presentation- but I don't care. I just love to eat it and wow was this soup amazing!!!

This was a spring greens with some freaky blend of juices and spices and some reduction and other stuff that made the dressing AWESOME!!!! It had toasted pecans and blue cheese and some other stuff I cant remember.

My only contribution to the cooking is occasionally I will bake (and heat up leftovers from the night before for lunch the next day :). This was a 2 layer cake in the shape of a heart that Mia and I made the other day. It was really yummy and Mia loved the heart shape.

The chicken is raw in this picture- this is pre cooking- but this is a dish Kevin made when his family came over Sunday night for dinner. He loved making it because he can put it in the oven and it is an all in one dish (but he also did steamed muscles and a soup and salad). It is chicken, over lemons with a bunch of spices and lots of rosemary. It has tomatoes, potatoes and kalmata (sp?) olives. I may be missing something. It is sooooooo good and the house smells awesome after it cooks.


  1. Umm...YUMM-O! you really shouldn't have shared without recipes, you know :) Everything looks SO amazing!!!! Who knew your hubby was so awesome in the kitchen? I, personally, am a short order cook at our house :( And nothing looks THAT good!

  2. Yummy!!! You lucky duck!!! Everything looks so delicious. The chicken dinner that he made for his family on Sunday looks AMAZING!!! Your post has made me hungry! : )

  3. Your hubby is amazing!!! He needs to do a recipe blog so we can see more of his dishes. WOW WOW WOW is all I can say!!!

  4. That asparagus dish looks absolutely AMAZING!

  5. OMW... that all looks sooo YUMMY..
    I think I am coming over to live with you guys..
    love ya..Miss ya..

  6. Oh, look how big Mia's getting. I don't get to look at blogs much since I've returned to work full time. She's just getting so big. The food looks amazing!