Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crazy Southern California Weather!!1

Man are we having the odd weather here in southern CA!! We are totally under water right now. We have had tornado warnings-- and that does not happen here- we have had tons of snow in the mountains- we have had hail and we have had a ton of rain- tons!!! Everything is wet and construction here in southern CA is not built to absorb this much rain. Everything is flooded! We even had a tornado warning where the kids in schools were all on lock down until the warning passed. It has just been crazy but kind of fun. The kids love the wild weather and it is rare for us to even get close to this much rain at once, so being deluged by 4 winter storms one after the other really is odd for us. On a totally plus side the mountains are beautiful with snow everywhere and my parents cabin in Arrowhead is getting a ton of snow so we may head up for a snow day this weekend.

Hope all is well with you all!

Make sure to check into my pals blogs to see their beautiful new daughters. Also my blogger pal Jennifer is on her way to China to pick up her beautiful Wesleigh. Check out their journey here.