Saturday, January 9, 2010

Found Pictures

I found some pictures I loaded on a different computer but never posted. These are from the holiday times.

My lucky mommy group had a little party for the kids for Christmas. This is the group having their lunch. I took only a few pictures and they were not very good so here is the one picture I had of all the kids together.

After we had our Lucky Mommies party we met Kevin and the boys at Disneyland to spend the night down there and go again the next day. Mia was thrilled to meet the princesses. It was so cute-- she saw her and just went up and immediately gave her a hug-- too cute!!!

So sweet!! I can never remember the names of the old princesses-- is this Aurora?? Cant remember.

The Buzz 3D ride. Kevin had never been on this one before (since I can only drag him to Disneyland one time a year) and loved it!!!

We had reservations at Cafe Orleans and while we were waiting for our table we found this cute little area. Totally cute pictures of the kids.

I love this one.

We went on Autopia and Mia drove- quite an experience!!!

Kevin and Ethan were in front of us. Owen was behind but I couldn't get a picture of him.

Ethan and Dad

We went to the Tinkerbell area and Mia was thrilled. Here Mia is sitting on The Fairy Workbench.

Boys relaxing in the Tinkerbell area

Owen on a Mushroom

It is a nice time once a year for the whole family to go to the happiest place on earth!!!! We had a blast and I look forward to next Christmas when I finally can get Kevin there again!


  1. I have a picture very similar of Caroline on the Autopia. Fewer things are more frightening than an over-confident 4-year old behind the wheel.

    And that's Cinderella. Aurora is Sleeping Beauty and she has long hair and usually a pink dress. :)

  2. Looks like another fun day at Disney! Cute pictures of the kids!

  3. Great photos..Glad you all had a great time..
    The kids are getting sooo big..
    Love ya girly..

  4. Love the picture of Mia driving...OMG, that face is priceless!! Looks like you had another fun disney day:)

    I had to laugh when I read your comment the other day. Nick is also into "smelling good" these days. We have had to give him lessons in quantity control when it comes to the cologne...LOL!! He has a habit of drowning himself in it.

    Enjoy your weekend!



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  6. Fun photos! Glad you found them. :) Love the ones with Mia and the princess! CUTE!

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