Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So before you continue, please know there are woman's undergarments involved in this post!!!! OK, now that you have been warned I will proceed.

I have been going crazy around the house trying to get things ready for our Chinese students to visit. Every year our church hosts 100 Chinese students from Chengdu Sezchuan China. It is a wonderful experience and we have hosted for many years but last year we didn't because it was too close to Mia coming home from China and we were not prepared to host. Anyway, this year we are hosting 2 high school students as well as our friends Brian and Heather and Dave and Kimberly are both hosting students as well. We really plan on showing them a great Southern California (Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Beach in a Limo, Sea World + more) time since this will more than likely be their only time ever being able to come to the US. Plus, this year is different from other years mostly since Chengdu is where so many were affected by the earthquake so more than likely these students will know someone or many people who died in the quake or were greatly affected. They will be with us from July 18 to July 30, so they leave the day before we leave for Hawaii-- life is going to be crazy!!! Anyway, this is going to be a great year with the students-- they are going to love Mia-- but all that means i have to get their room ready. I'm putting them in Owen's room because it has a bathroom in it but that means i had to get Owen's room ready which was a production!! It also meant i needed to get the loft ready (where all the toys and computer and couch and TV are) as well as clean my bedroom. Anyway, back to the post. In the middle of cleaning my room and folding laundry, Mia decided she was going to put on my pile of thong underwear. If you remember, Mia is fond of putting on my bras but she has never attempted to put my thongs on so this was definitely photo worthy!!! Another warning---- she is nasty-- covered in food and drool and still in her PJ's!!!

Putting the undies on

Attempting to stand up and run around with them on

Whoops-- they fell off-- now I have to get them back on

Trying to sort through this pile is just hard work!!
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  1. OMG Christy I'm dying here! Too funny. You've got to pull those pictures out at her wedding shower! LOL

    Sounds like you are going to be having way too much fun over the next few weeks. Looking forward to your updates.

  2. Giggling over here! Your girl is too talented!
    Mia reminds me a lot of Piper.

  3. Hilarious!!! She is too darn cute! How great that you are hosting some students from Chengdu. We spent 8 days in Chengdu...that's where we got Ellie. She isn't from Chengdu, she is from a village about 5 hours away. I wonder how it is after the earthquake. You are one busy women! Thankfully you have Hawaii to look forward to.

  4. That is HILARIOUS!!! I admire you girl!! I have the funniest picture of Sadie with my bra on...but I'm not putting in online. Seeing the bra on Sadie...who is TINY...makes me look HUGE....if you know what I mean?!?!? (hee hee) Funny, funny pics!!

    Have fun with your exchange students!! How cool!!! once guys do the coolest things!! Have a great time!

  5. That is too cute and funny! Reminds me of when M was smaller and I would tell her to put on some new panties -- she'd put them right on top of the ones she had on -- one time she had five pairs on! Though she didn't know it, think she was channeling Amelia Bedelia -- so I had to say, take off your old panties and put a new pair on!

  6. First off...You are going to have an amazing time with the two kids from China... that is exciting.. can't wait to see all the fun pictures..
    Mia is going to just LOVE them...
    And then .... the pictures... Mia is soooo adorable... I can see it already.. that is a picture I will be clicking of Isabella..
    I am laughing my butt off...
    LOVE IT..
    Have a Great Week girly..

  7. OMGoodness that is too funny!!

  8. Too funny!

    Sounds like you're going to be super busy for a while, but with super fun stuff. What a great experience for your whole family.

  9. Hilarious!! And she's just precious with her food and drool and pj's!


  10. At least she knows how they go on!! She is adorable just as she is!

    The time with the Chinese students sounds like a blast; a real once in a lifetime opportunity for these kids - and you are right, they are going to love your little girl!!

  11. Oh now that is just hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh =).

  12. We are also hosting Chinese students. There are 12 in our group and we have just one staying in our guest room. They are here for 2 weeks and just went to D-Land yesterday.


  13. This is too funny! How awesome that you are hosting some Chinese students. What a great experience for both them and your family.

  14. Hilarious pictures! Enjoy the time with your Chinese students. You will definitely be ready to relax in Hawaii!