Friday, July 4, 2008

Photo Shoot Attempt & Cute New Suit!!

Yesterday I attempted to take some cute pictures of Mia in her 4th of July steal. I got the dress at Marshalls for only $7.99 (Kevin laughs that I have to tell people when i get good deals-- but it is just so exciting for me that I have to share the joy :) so I was so excited to take some pictures of Mia but she was having nothing to do with that idea. She started out resistant but then it turned into a full blown tantrum.

Not happy but still OK at this point.

Still relatively OK.

And then the storm began

And continued....

A moment of relief....

And then it started again

Cousin Kylie trying to cheer Mia up-- but unfortunately to no avail. She continued for a few and then when I finally gave up and put the camera away, she brightened up and became her normal happy self-- ugggg--- doesn't it always happen that way :)

I got Mia a new suit (I'm trying to stock up for Hawaii-- we leave July 31) from Gap. I love this one but it is a bit big. With a diaper under the bottoms it may fit better.

Mia loves her auntie Cassie!!!

Happy 4th of July to all of you and i will post our 4th pictures a bit later.


  1. Those are such cute pictures...even though she was crying. We tend not to take those but they are really great to remember! CUTE bathing suit..I love the color.


  2. CUTE pictures..
    Okay you have got to make a deal with Mia or something...LOL
    LOVE the little dress.. and the swimsuit is WAY to CUTE..
    You are going to HAWAII????
    I am going in the suitcase..
    Happy 4th of July...
    Have a Great Day..

  3. Hawaii? MAN, where DON'T you people go?? Lucky kids!! LOVE the new bikini....

  4. Love the dress! I never find any cute items like that when I am at Marshalls. Maybe I need to make a trip to the one that you shop at. :) I am stocking up on suits for Gracie too as we are going to the Bahamas in August. Hope you had a happy 4th!


  5. Adorable pictures. Mia looks like such a big girl in her bikini! Hawaii?!!!! lucky duck!! You have such a blessed life.

  6. LOVE that suit! I'm off to the G@p only I wish I was going to Hawaii instead. Happy 4th, well now the 5th!

  7. LOVE the dress...and the fit pictures too!!! OH...and how adorable is that little two piece swim suit?!?!? Looks like yall had a great 4th.

    Ours was pretty good...except we spent 3 hrs in the Urgent care with Sophie getting stitches for a FREAK accident at the pool! YUCK! I'll have to tell you privately what happened! glad it's over and just glad we have a restful weekend!! Hope you guys do too!!
    Love ya,

  8. I love that you show pictures of Mia having a tantrum - it's too cute! She'll love seeing them when she's older :) Also, so jealous that you're going to Hawaii - have fun!!

  9. Thanks for stoping by. I love all
    the new pics. Mia's dress is so
    cute!!! Hawaii you lucky girl
    I wish I was going!!! I was
    wondering when you have time
    stop by and tell me what you
    thought of your 2005 mexican
    cruise. We go for Kelly's 50th

    Take Care,

    Sindy :-)

  10. Your daughter is so cute. Her haircut reminds me of our precious daughter's. It's always a trick to see if they will sit still long enough to get that straight little bob cut!

    Cute clothes and bathing suit. I'm addicted to the bathing suit shopping as well - they are so cute that small!

    (Ava Lu's mommy)

  11. Oh we have those melt downs too, thank goodness they don't last long. Mia is just so adorable!!!!