Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Two American Favorites!!!

** By the way I am attempting to use Flicker and some third party applications to post pictures-- let me know if you cant see the two collages. I am having a few issues with it so if you have any great suggestions on how this program is supposed to make posting easier-- let me know because as of now it is not even close to being easier-- much more difficult--uggg!! Thanks :)

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We hit two American favorites were hit tonight. First we had In & Out Burger for dinner and then headed to Bass Pro Shop to look around. The girls had such a good time and were very impressed by the hamburgers, fries and Shakes but were even more impressed by the enormity of Bass Pro. If you have not been to Bass Pro, it really is an amazing place!!!

Great picture of all the girls with their In & Out hats on. The collage cut the ends of the photo off so I wanted to re post the cute picture (still trying to get the bugs worked out of the flicker thing).

The collage cut this picture off as well and I thought it was a really cute picture of the girls in front of Bass Pro.

The Bear is about to attack!!!

We are still having a great time with the girls!! We have a baseball game tomorrow night so we are looking forward to that. The girls learned to sing "Take me out to the ball game" song today at school so they are eager to sing it tomorrow night!!! I will post pictures soon :)


  1. In & Out Burger!! My kids can't wait to get to California to go there (none out here in the Midwest). We'll also need to stock up on In & Out Burger t-shirts. What a great time you are giving these girls. They will never forget it.

  2. Love Bass Pro...
    Looks like they had TONS of FUN....
    LOVE all the pictures..
    And Mia's little outfit is the cutest..
    Have fun..
    I will be waiting for more pictures..
    Can't wait to hear how they like the baseball game..

  3. Oh man! In-N-N-Out! I have to drive 45 minutes to get my fix. Yet another reason to move back down south.

    Looks like you guys are having a blast!

  4. Wow, you really are giving them a great taste of the good ol' USA!! How awesome!!!

  5. The girls are all so beautiful and they look like they are really enjoying their time. YOu are a good tour guide!

    Have a BLAST in Hawaii!!!


  6. Looks like the girls are getting a good taste of America!! Cute pics. I LOVE how clear they all are!!! Must be your new camera!! :)
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  7. You can't beat a burger and fries. Looks like fun is being had by all. You are the hostess with the mostest.

  8. Burgers & fries..of course!