Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy 8th Birthday Owen!!!

Last night we had a birthday party for Owen. We had many friend and family members come over and we had a great time!!!

Owen loved all his awesome gifts!! He got lots of NERF gun gifts and the skateboard that he has wanted for a long time. He also finally got a Nintendo DS lite which he has wanted for years. We are pretty much a non video game family with the exception that Ethan has a DS and can play it once in a while. Owen has always wanted a DS and we have been hesitant-- we just do not like video games and the wasted lazy time it takes to play them. Anyway, the plane ride to and from Hawaii on Thursday helped make the decision to actually buy one for Owen. So grandma and papa Owen decided to buy a Nintendo DS (the little hand held one) for Owen for his birthday-- thanks :)

Owen also got a BMX race bike. Kevin use to race when he was a kid in Canada and he was very good. Kevin wanted to boys to also race so we got both the boys race BMX bikes for their birthdays-- don't tell Ethan-- his birthday is in August :)

Lots of family and friends came to the party--including grandma and papa Bock, Laila and the kids, Brad and the kids, grandma and papa Owen, Cassie, Tenderly and kids, Joanne and kids, all our great camping friends, all the Chinese girls, Kevin's motor work pal Steve and his family plus more. It was a great party and Owen loved being the center of attention!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Owen!!

    I am so impressed that you've kept video games out of your boys lives. I HATE them. We finally took them away forever over a year ago and the change in J was profound!

  2. Happy Birthday, Owen! I love that cake!

  3. Happy 8th Birthday OWEN!!!!!
    HOW FUN!!!!!
    Sounds like a WONDERFUL evening..
    He is the center of attention..
    Glad all is going well..
    Miss ya.. but know you are busy and will be..
    But am loving ALL the pictures..
    Can't wait to see all the Wonderful pictures in Hawaii..

  4. Happy Birthay, Owen! Still adorable with those dimples at 8!!

  5. Hey You,

    It's been wonderful seeing all
    the pics with the beautiful
    girls from China. You guys
    have shown them quite a time
    I'm sure they will be forever
    grateful!! Are you going to
    Maui directly? We will be in
    Hawaii about the same time!!

    Take Care,


  6. Can Rudy come over and play? Ha! I can tell that Rudy and Owen would have a blast together.

    I know what you mean about video games, Rudy has a DS lite and I will not let him sit and play it all day, there is way too much to do outside. I also understand how the long flight to Hawaii helped make the decision to buy one for Owen.

    Christy, truley, there is never a dull moment in your house! You guys have so much fun. Just think of the great memories your kids will have growing up in your exciting house hold.

  7. Oh my gosh, I almost forgot, Happy Birthday Owen!!!

  8. Looks like Owen had a GREAT b'day party!!! :) Way to go!!! We have a Wii and ABSOLUTELY LOVE it. It is so much fun for all of us together. It is really a lot different from regular video games. We just got the Wii fit and it is a BLAST!!! It really does help you work out!! That's the only video game that I have been glad we have. It's GREAT!!! Have a fantastic time in Hawaii.