Monday, July 7, 2008

4TH of July 2008

I hope you all had a great 4th of July. We had an interesting one as Kevin had to work most of the day. Being a motor officer he had to run a booth at the park where all the festivities occur and then had to ride in the parade. Because of this I sent the boys up the hill to Arrowhead Lake with my brother and his family early in the day and then once Kevin was off work, Mia, Kev and I went up to join them. It was a nice relaxing time where we just hung out and brad cooked an amazingly wonderful meal. My parents have a view of the lake so we watched the fireworks from their balcony-- which was cool. I forgot to take out my camera much so i have very few pictures but here are a few:

The day after the 4th we went to a party at Brian and Heathers and the kids swam and played and we all just hung out. It was a lot of fun-- as always!! Unfortunately Kevin was not able to be there most of the time during the day because he had to continue to get the yard ready for the contractors to start Monday. So, he worked in the yard and the came over to their house after he finished the yard (not really finished but got to the point he could stop).

Mia is a watermelon lover. She could eat it everyday!!!

Watermelon all over her face!!


Izzy and Mia playing.

More fun with friends!!

Ethan swimming like normal-- he is such a fish!!

So, something very interesting happened at Brian and Heathers. Ethan and Owen are in Kempo Kung Fu and they use these fighting sticks (PVC pipes) and they wanted to show their friends their sticks so they brought them over to the party. Ethan was playing around and he accidentally hit Owen in the front permanent tooth with his stick and it literally broke the tooth in half. Owen was upset at first and Ethan freaked out because he was so horrified at what he did, but after a minute or two there was no pain and Owen was fine. I spoke with a dentist and they said it was not an emergency and just put the tooth piece in milk and come in on Monday to get the piece bonded back on. So, that is what we are doing today-- bonding back the tooth piece. Anyway, Owen was totally fine and after Ethan freaked in his usual emotionally charged way, we went on with our day. We put the tooth on milk and continued on -- snaggle tooth and all.

Here is a beautiful picture of Owen with his half tooth (not for much longer-- bonding today).

Swan diving!

Owen likes to bug Mia and here is a few nice pictures of Owen bugging Mia. Mia will yell-- go go go or get out!!! It is sadly cute :)

Anyway, our weekend was relaxing and fun. Already today the contractor is working with Kevin in the yard and the big project is underway. I will put some pictures up as the project progresses.

Have a good week!!


  1. Happy 4th! Mia looks adorable in her red, white and blue. I am loving her haircut. Too cute!

  2. love all the pics. Especially the water melon though:)
    Glad you had a nice holiday.

  3. OUCH!! That hurts me to even think about it. What a freak accident! Sophie had a freak accident on the 4th...but you'll have to email me to find out about that one. It was so bad, I can't type it here! EEK!!! all the pics. and I LOVE Mia's little swimsuit!! She is such a cutie!! I wish my kids would eat watermelon...they just don't like it...but looks SO YUMMY!!

    Have a great week! Hope Owen's teeth get fixed perfectly!!! Talk soon!

  4. Sounds like a relaxing weekend..
    Sorry to hear about Owen's tooth.. didn't know you put it in milk...
    Love Mia's swimsuit..
    Have a Great Week..

  5. The ole milk trick! I totally forgot about that one.

    Cute pics. Too funny you guys went to Arrowhead, my friend Sarah went to Big Bear with her mom while her husband was doing the motor thing for the CHP. You guys live such similar lives, it cracks me up!

    BTW...have fun in Hawaii. We are off camping tomorrow and I think you're leaving before we get back. Have a blast!

  6. Love Mia's swimsuit. Hope the bonding works.

  7. Love the pics of Mia pushing Owen. And how's the tooth? We need an update!!!

  8. Poor Owen...but at least they can fix it!! I've never heard of Kempo Kung Fu. I love Mia's 4th of July outfit. I'm excited to see the pictures of your yard.

  9. Mia is getting so tan!! And that red, white & blue swimsuit was SOOOO worth whatever you paid for it!!

    I was once watching some friends' kids & one of the boys slipped on a plastic slide at the pool & busted his front permanent tooth COMPLETELY out, and the other one chipped. I FREAKED out. I had six kids, by myself and here was this 9 year old boy, maimed! The dentist said to shove the tooth back in the bloody hole it had come out of & maybe the nerves would take root again. WHAT!?!?! I had to have help and the boy has been to the dentist quite a few times to get repaired, but I tell you - when something happens to their permanent teeth, it is SCARY!

    They never let me keep their kids again.

    And China doesn't know, so let's keep this between us ;=)